Bowel Screening Program

Bowel Screening

The Bowel Screening Programme offers free screening to eligible residents aged 50-74 years, every two years.

If a patient matches the eligibility criteria,  a suggestion for Bowel Screening appears in their Clinical Notes.

First Screen Shot.





Click on this item to open the Bowel Screening Program Invite form.

Second Screen Shot

Confirm the patient’s eligibility and exclusions.  Nb the patient’s DHB is displayed alongside the patient’s residential address.

Screen Shot 9

If eligible encorage the patient to participate in the program when invited. If another collection needs to be arranged , Click on the Bowel Screening  link to open the referral template

Screen Shot 7Press [Finish]  to create the document.

Back on the Bowel Screening Invite form, check that “Recall” is ticked and press Finish to close the form

Second Screen Shot

Check the Recall Task Screen Shot 3

Set the task for 2 yearly recurrences

Screen Shot 4


Fax the printed referral form to the Bowel Screening Centre.  They will invite the patient to the screening program.

When a result is received from the bowel screening program,   if normal complete the task to reset it for a further 2 years.