Immunisation fee change 2018

Disclaimer: Please note that the fee amounts, codes and service names on the screenshots are for demonstration purpose only as they may vary for each practice, and not to be used as a reference unless directly specified in this manual.

Immunisation fee change 

We would like to inform that Ministry of Health has increased the Immunisation and Flu subsidy that general practices can claim from 1 July 2018, to $ 24.15 Inc GST.
Please follow these steps to change the fees in MyPractice. 
Go to Accounts >> Accounts Setup. The quickest way to edit these fees would be to go to the “Services” tab.

All changes take place in the “Immunisation” service group. Each service type within the “Immunisation” group has different fees attached. When you change the GST included fee, the other fee (GST exclusive) will automatically change, and vice versa.

Note: Please update the fees only on 1 July 2018. 


Current price (GST incl.): $23.59        New price (GST incl.):  $24.15 

Flu Vaccine Subsidy

Current price (GST incl.): $23.59        New price (GST incl.):  $24.15