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Debtor's Report

Select Debtors from the Accounts menu

  1. The screen will initially be blank.
  2. Go to the menu on the top right of the screen, check the date and minimum amount 
  3. Adjust if necessary then click Refresh.


Statement Set up

Decide on the preferred method to send statements for example:

  1. Email to account holders if an email exists
  2. Txt account balance if a mobile number exists
  3. Print for the remaining account holders 

This preferred order is saved in the system settings

Text Message Setup 

The default text to be sent is  #Account Holder#  You account balance is #balance#. #Practice#  #Phone#

(n.b. The tags #text# are replaced by actual values)

This message can be changed by entering your own message in the system settings. 

Sending Statements

  1. Choose whether to include Organisations as well as patients 
  2. Highlight all the account holders that you wish to send statements 
  3. Click on Statements

Other Actions

Click Document to create a letter for that account. A list of document templates will appear e.g. bad debt letter.

Click Alert Note to create an alert for that patient. This will appear when you make an appointment or open the patient’s details.

Click Post-it Note to create a reminder that will appear when you open that patient’s clinical notes.