Immunisation schedule changes 2020

Schedule changes 1 July 2020

Reducing the number of PCV10 primary course doses
From 1 July 2020, PCV10 (Synflorix®) is moving to a 2+1 schedule. This means PCV10 (Synflorix) is not required
at the 3-month immunisation event. A two-dose primary course will be given at ages 6 weeks and 5 months.
The booster dose remains unchanged.
Vaccine brand changes
Engerix®-B 20 (20 micrograms/mL) replaces HBvaxPRO® (5 mcg, 10 mcg & 40 mcg).
Varivax® replaces Varilrix® at the 15-month and 11-year event, and for special groups from 12 months of age.
Boostrix® (Tdap) replaces ADT™ Booster for people aged 7 years and over.

Schedule changes 1 October 2020

A 12-month event will be added to the Schedule, making two events in the second year of life. Further
information on this will follow later.
Note: currently the 15-month immunisation event is still offered at 12 months of age in the Auckland area. The
15-month vaccines can be given from 12 months of age, on parental request in other parts of the country.

Further Information 

Vaccine Groups after July 2020


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Vaccine Groups after October 2020

The Meningitis vaccine (Meningitis B and MenACYW-135) will be dependent on approval of Govt Funding.