From 1 July 2017

Varicella vaccine 


Rotarix (RV1) will be replacing RotaTeq (RV5) on the Schedule. Rotarix will be distributed once existing stocks of RotaTeq have been used up. This is likely to be mid to late August.

There are important clinical considerations to note with this change:

 Recommendations for infants aged under 25 weeks who are transitioning from RV5 (RotaTeq) to RV1 (Rotarix)
Number of RV5 doses previously receivedNumber of RV1 doses required
3 RV5Fully immunised – no RV1 required
2 RV51 RV1* at least 4 weeks after the 2nd RV5
1 RV52 RV1* at least 4 weeks between each of the doses

*All doses of RV1 must be given prior to turning age 25 weeks (ie the latest is 24 weeks and 6 days)

Synflorix (PCV10)
Synflorix will be replacing Prevenar 13 on the routine childhood schedule. Synflorix will be distributed once existing stocks of Prevenar 13 have been run down. This is likely to be mid to late August.
If a child is due for a pneumococcal vaccine and they have previously received Prevenar 13 they can transition to Synflorix for their remaining immunisation schedule without requiring additional doses. Where this occurs the child should develop full protection against the ten strains covered by both vaccines, and they are likely to have partial protection against the additional strains covered by Prevenar 13.

From mid-August, funded Prevenar 13 doses will only be available to order for high risk patients who meet the eligibility criteria for the vaccine. Please do not stockpile doses of this vaccine in your fridge.

Other vaccine brand changes
There will also be brand changes to the:

Rotarix, Synflorix, Priorix and Hiberix will be distributed once existing vaccinebrands have been used up – likely to be mid to late August.

The Immunisation Handbook 2017 is now available as a pdf on the Ministry of Health website at

MyPractice changes
The NIR, MyPractice and Ministry payment systems are being updated for the 1 July Schedule changes.  These changes will be in Release 17.6 onwards.

UPDATE YOUR VACCINE GROUPS to add Varicella from July 1
Update your Vaccine Groups as you obtain the new vaccines 

(The new vaccine group can also be downloaded from our website but you will need to ensure you have used up your older vaccines and only have stocks of the new vaccines available )

Vaccines can be claimed with the Standard Indication (at risk groups) for Hib, Meningococcal B, PCV13, Hepatitis B vaccines

Claims will be allowed for both the new and old vaccines (until August)