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The Scheduler

  • Open the Scheduler from the Tools, System Setup menu
    • You will need system administration rights to set up the scheduler
  • One workstation will need to remain logged in to perform these scheduled jobs
  • Use the workstation settings to activate the scheduler on this computer. 

Job Description

Set a name for this scheduled task

Select Appointments to include 

  1. Tick/Untick the appointment books owners from the list labelled Appointment Book
  2. Tick/Untick the appointment types from the list labelled Encounter Type

Select the appointment date range  

If you intend to run this task daily, set this for  1 day in the future until 2 days in the future

Choose your reminder messages

  • Create documents using the document template editor for txt messages and for email appointment reminders
  • Select one document for txt messages
  • Select one document for emails

Choose how you would like to remind your patient 

  • You can choose to like to try email or text messaging first
    • e.g. If an email address is not found then it will look for a mobile number


You can choose to notify a staff member when messages are sent successfully and when they fail

Set the frequency and timing of the reminders

Click on the Recurrence Tab

Select the frequency e.g. Daily

Select the time of day to send messages 


Week Days and Weekends

To set different timings for weekends

Create two jobs. One for the weekdays, another for the weekends