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Create a  Task Batch (template) for GP2GP requests

Open Task Batch Editor from the Tools, Clinical Setup menu

  1. Add a task batch with a name GP2GP
  2. Add a task with the description Send Notes (GP2GP) and code GP2GP
  3. Turn this task into a recall by entering 0 into the Days between reminder and due date

On Receiving a request to transfer notes 

  1. On Receiving a request to transfer notes 
  2. Click on “New Task” (in Appointment Screen or Patient’s Detail screen.
  3. Select GP2GP from the template list on the left
  4. Check the details – confirm who the task is assigned to – then click “OK”

Completing the Task

The task will appear on Task Lists for the user (Appointment book and Task Manager as well as within the patient’s details screen.
After exporting a patient record, complete the task