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The Actions menu is located on the right-hand side of the patient details screen.

  • Clinical Notes – Opens this patient’s Clinical Notes.
  • Accounts – Opens this patient’s accounts screen.
  • Post It Note – Creates a note that will appear whenever this patient’s clinical notes are opened.
  • Appointment history – View past and future appointments.
  • Change Log – View changes made to patient details (including date and author).
  • Document – Open a document to print, email or txt this patient.
  • New Family Member – Create a new family member with the same address, contact details, family members and account holder.
  • Update Family – Update family members with this patient’s address/contact details and selected schemes.
  • Check for Duplicate – Searches for patients with the same name, date of birth and gender.
  • Merge Records – Imports clinical records from a duplicate patient. Search for and select a second patient. Their clinical records will be inserted into this patient’s records. The patient’s details will remain as entered here, and the “second patient’s” record will automatically be made inactive.
  • Delete this Patient – deletes this patient.
  • Add Task – Allows you to create a task, to be completed later.
  • Check NHI – Checks this number is correct against the Ministry of Health’s NHI database
  • Get Enrolment – gets the enrolments of the patient from the NHI database
  • Get Preferences – gets the survey preferences of the patient from the NHI database