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Follow these instructions to send your ACC45 Forms electronically to ACC.

Prerequisites one of the following

  • A modem with HealthLink connection
  • JetStream Internet Connection
  • Internet Explorer 5.5 or later

To obtain a copy of the Digital Certificate, Contact ACC 

Installing the ACC digital certificate 

  • Once you have received the Digital Certificate follow the setup instructions
  • If you have any trouble or question during the setup contact ACC helpdesk on 0800 222 994

My Practice system settings 

  • If you are using Healthlink connection please enter the EMG URL as
  • If you are using another Internet connection please enter the EMG URL as

Creating the ACC M45 form 

  • Complete the detail in the Accident Form in the usual way and select ACC45
  • Tick the Electronic Registration box before finishing

Submitting ACC M45 Forms Electronically to the EMG Website

When you first connect to the ACC site, a series of message boxes may come up warning you that this is a secure site. If so, select accept/yes/OK for all of them.

The Claims List page will then come up with a wide rectangle area under the words CLAIM LIST, NEW ACC45, HELP and LOGOUT to the right of the ACC logo in the top banner of the page. While the system is downloading electronic claims text will appear in the rectangle area to advise you on the progress of the download. If the words œ”waiting for claims” continue to appear in the rectangle then there are no claims to download. Once the claims have uploaded they will be displayed on the page showing the claim no., patient name, user (health provider), date lodged and status.

Meaning of Claim Status on ACC Website

Claims in this list can have a status of pending, invalid, deleted, valid or receipted. These are the definitions:

 Pending Claim is waiting for validation process to be completed or the claim is incomplete and/or has been edited/corrected and needs to be re-submitted.
 Invalid Claim has not met all the requirements for validity.  Fields are either incomplete or filled in incorrectly.  Needs to be edited/corrected and re-submitted until the claim is assessed as valid.
 Deleted Claim deleted by a user. Only invalid or pending claims can be deleted.
 Valid Claim has passed all validity rules.  Status only held briefly before the claim is receipted. Cannot be edited or deleted.
 Receipted Claim has been receipted by ACC for further processing. Cannot be edited or deleted.

Invalid Claim Warning

Following some recent enhancements to the ACC45 web page, the claims list page will now provide a warning if you have invalid claims that are more than 48 hours old. Prior to these enhancements, the default claims list only included claims that were less than 48 hours old but now includes all invalid claims (in addition to other non-invalid claims that are less than 48 hours old). Invalid claims have not been receipted by ACC and must be corrected before they can be receipted and subsequently put forward for approval. Invalid claims that have been resubmitted using alternative means (mail, fax etc) must be deleted.

You can then select one of the listed claims for correction by clicking on the actual Claim Form # of the individual claim as shown below.

Once you have selected the claim for correction, the ACC45 Claim form will appear with the details of the claim selected. Above the claim form, there will be a table listing all the ˜problem fields with the field name and a description of the problem. To correct any of the problem fields, simply type over the incorrect details with the correct ones or re-select from the pick-list.

After you have corrected all the problem fields, the corrected claim can be resubmitted for validation by clicking on one of the Submit buttons located in each section and at the top and bottom at the end of the Claim Form.

Searching for Read Codes

Following some enhancements to the claim form, it now includes a search facility for read codes (and ICD 9 codes). By clicking on the box to the right of the code selection picklist in the diagnosis section, a new window will open which allows you to search for a read code (or ICD9 code) by providing a sub-string of either the code or the code description. For example “SD” entered in the code search box will return all the read codes starting with SD; “nose” entered in the code description box will return all the codes containing the word nose in their description. The claim form also now includes expanded descriptions of occupations to improve ease of search and selection.

Submitting Pending Claims

Pending claims need to be resubmitted if they are complete before they can be assessed as valid. To resubmit pending claims return to the Claims List page. You can then mark the pending claims by ticking the “Mark” column next to the claims you want to submit. Marked claims can then be submitted by clicking on the “Submit Marked” button at the bottom of the Claim List.


If you are having problems connecting to the ACC web, check the following:

  • The Digital Certificate is installed properly.  You can check this by visiting the Baycorp ID subscriber site If you are unable to view this site, call Baycorp ID Services 09 356 5801.
  • The ACC web address is correct.  The URL is
  • The version and cipher strength of your internet browser (the cipher strength must be 128 bit to work).

For Internet Explorer we recommend either of the following versions:

  • IE 5.0 Service Pack 1 (SP1) [with 128 bit plug-in] 
  • IE 5.5 Service Pack 1 (SP1) [our preference]
  • IE 6.0

For Netscape we recommend 4.7 or any version that has 128 bit support, EXCEPT Netscape 4.

Ensure the Internet Options settings on your browser are correct.  Open your browser and check Java is enabled by selecting Tools/Internet Options/Advanced.

Scroll down the menu to a subheading Microsoft VM.  Make sure that there is a tick in the check box next to:

  • Java Console enabled
  • Java logging enabled
  • JIT complier for virtual machine enabled

If you have checked these and are still having problems contact the ACC45 eLodgement helpdesk on 0800 222994.

Correcting Invalid Claims

You can Query the claims list to get a list of claims that meet a certain criteria (such as invalid or lodged) within a specific time period by clicking on the “Change” button. This feature is useful if you are looking for specific claims and need to narrow to search. Alternatively you can skip this step by clicking on the claim form number and selecting the claim for correction directly. Clicking on the “Change” button will bring up the Query Claims page (shown below). To select invalid claims you can tick the “invalid” box and un-tick the other boxes. You can also select a date range for the query or tick “all” to select all invalid claims.

If you then click on “Run Query” you will get a list of all the claims that match your search criteria. Claims can also be searched by accident victim name or ACC45 number.