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Age sex registers

Basic data The patient’s full name, gender and date of birth are essential. NHI numbers are required for the majority of your patients.
Address Please enter a physical address so that it can be geo-coded. Record P.O. Boxes as alternative or billing addresses.Ensure consistency by selecting addresses from the look up tables. This will enhance automatic Geo-coding by your PHO.
Patient Type Patients must be Regular to be considered for capitation payments.
Date of registration The computer records the date you added the patient into your computer.
Date last seen The computer updates this date whenever an appointment is made and kept. It also updates this date when the patient is invoiced (except for Statement Fees). Enter all doctor and nurse consultations into the appointment book.
Date of enrollment Enter the date the patient (or if under 16 years of age, their guardian) signs a formal enrollment form.
Schemes and plans View patient’s payment schemes in this list including Capitation.

Sending your Age Sex Register to your PHO

Go to Tools >> Downloads >> Send Age Sex Register (CBF) file to PHO. Once you have clicked on “Send Age Sex Register…”, a separate window will open. Confirm the (patients’ preferred) practitioners to include, and the destination directory. Press [Export].

Importing the capitated status of your patients

1. Locate the file that your PHO has sent you
2. Select / Unselect data to import

  • NHI Numbers- NHI will only be imported when absent in your register.
  • CSC Details(Community Services Card) - These details are imported if the expiry date is more recent than existing details
  • HUC Details(High User Card) - These details are imported if the expiry date is more recent than existing details

3. Press [Import]. Capitation Scheme (with start and end dates) and Geo coded X/Y coordinates are also imported.
4. A report is displayed and saved in your System Log

PHO requirements

Your PHO will provide specific rules for capitation and enrollment. They will advise you of their specific data requirements.