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Set Up

First, ascertain the exact Business Name you wish to send the txt from.

Tools => Organisations => Our Practice =>

Double click your Practice name and open the detail screen. Click on the Business Tab.

Complete a Vensa application form by calling 0800 736 463 (suppliers of Txt2Remind using EZtext) and open an account. The Business Name you supply to Vensa must be exactly the same as noted in Step 1 above.

Create or download a Document Templates with destination type TextMsg.

Go to Tools => Clinical Setup => Document Templates

See creating new documents or importing/exporting documents for instructions on creating and importing documents.

Sending a Text Message

Select text message from the documents list.

  • In the Patient’s detail screen – Click on Document in the right panel
  • In the Appointment screen, right click on patient’s name, click on Document.
  • In the Task Manager screen – Click on Document in the right panel
  • In the Mail detail screen – Click on Document in the right panel         

Review the message, then click on [Send Txt].  Once the message has been sent successfully, a message will pop up: