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Editing a Practitioner's details

  1. Select Staff from the Tools Menu.

  2. Select a staff member from the list.

    • Click “Show Inactive” in the top menu to include inactive members.

    • Click “New” to enter a new staff member.

For staff members consulting with patients – tick [Practitioner] in the User tab. 

Invoices can only be assigned to practitioners.

Click on the Practitioner tab, and fill in the details as prompted.

Authorising Practitioner

  • The details for the “Authorising Practitioner” will appear on letterheads, scripts and lab forms. 
    • Registered Medical Practitioners are usually their own ‘Authorising practitioner’.
    • For nurses and medical students, it is usually the Medical Practitioner whose details should appear on scripts or lab forms.
  • NOTE: The authorising practitioner can be changed for any particular consultation in the clinical notes screen. 

Works for 

  • One or more business entities (Practices) can be set up in MyPractice. 
    • To add or edit these organisations, select “Our Practice(s)” from the Tools>>Organisations menu.
  • Nominate the default business that will receive the income generated by this practitioner.