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Viewing Tasks

The Tasks section lists tasks (Active or No Response) that are currently due.
– Tasks which are overdue by more than 90 days are in bright red.
– Tasks which are due today or overdue by less than 90 days are dark red.
– Tasks which will be due in the next 2 weeks are dark orange.
– No Response Tasks have a strikethrough
The Future/Inactive Tasks section displays tasks that are not due yet or Inactive.
– Tasks which will be due in the next 2 months from today are orange.
– Tasks which have been created but are not due for more than 2 months but less than 5 years are green.
– Tasks which will be due in more than 5 years are black.
– Tasks which have been marked as Not required, Contraindicated or Declined are grey with a strikethrough.
If the task has a recurrence (repeats) it is displayed in regular text. If there is no recurrence (one-off) , it is displayed bold.
  • Screening tasks (No Reminders) has an icon with three dots …
  • Recall Tasks (with a reminder date) will have a task icon 
  • Priority 1 recalls will have a red alert icon
  • Priority 2 recalls will have a yellow triangle icon