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MyPractice Newsletter January 2021

Dear Team,

2020 is gone, the year dominated by the COVID-19 crisis. 2021 will be the year of the COVID-19 vaccinations. We will keep you informed about any advice we receive from the Ministry of Health about the vaccination program.
The MyPractice team has delivered Online Payment functionality which enables your patients to pay their fees via the Health365 patient portal. There is NO charge for the practice to use this functionality. The patient will pay a small fee to use this service. We have also released an Online Enrollment form which has been popular with patients and practices. Again this is a FREE service for the practice (Some providers do charge up to $150/month for a similar service with less functionality).
We have noticed a significant increase in TXT volumes during the COVID-19 crisis, sometimes at great costs to the practice. We suggest that you attend the next user-group meeting on Wednesday, February 10, 3 pm. We will show how you can use email, TXT and letters to notify your patients. Non-Auckland practices can ZOOM into these user-group meetings. MyPractice is very rich in functionality and you will learn a lot from the MyPractice team and your fellow MyPractice-users during these meetings.  
The MyPractice team has been working hard on a new user-interface which will be released shortly. We always welcome feedback and suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us with your ideas about improving MyPractice products and services.
We would like to update our records. Can you please advise us of the number of staff at your practice? Number of GPs and Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) GPs, number of nurses and FTE nurses,  number of reception/admin/other staff and FTE of reception/admin/other staff, number of patients at the practice < 1,000 patients, 1001-2000 patients, 2001- 3000 patients etc. Please send the information to
Every practice that provides us with the above information before the 12th of February will receive 1 hour of FREE remote training just for your practice (Please let us know a suitable time and topics you would like to see covered during this training).
We are looking forward to working with you in 2021, using smart technology to deliver better patient care.
The MyPractice Team

Kind Regards,