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Individual account

  1. Click on Account in the toolbar
  2. Select the Patient or Organisation
  3. Select the Statement Tab 
For multiple accounts please use the debtors screen

Set the statement closing date

Enter a date into the closing date (default is today).

Transactions after this date will be excluded from the statement

Set the statement opening date

Transactions prior to this date will be summarised as the Opening balance

  • Select Current Month (Default)
  • Select 3 Months
  • Select All Transactions
  • Specify the opening date 
Details of transactions after the opening date will be included in the statement

Statement Message 

  • Enter any Message that you wish to include in statements.

Print Statement

  • Click on the Print Button

Email Statement

  • Click on Preview
  • Click on the Email Button.


You can filter the types of transactions included in statements in the View Tab

  • Tick Allocations to see the details of how payments have been allocated to invoices.
  •  Tick Itemised Invoices to see the individual items within the invoices (patient and service details)
  •  Tick Credits, Reversals or Corrections to include them