The debtor’s screen allows you to view accounts receivable reports and balances.

Viewing a report

Select Debtors from the Accounts menu.

The screen will initially be blank. Go to the menu on the top right of the screen, check the details are right and click Refresh.

Debtors 4

Tick “Show Aged Balances” to see account balances broken down into <30 days, 30-60 days, 60-90 days and >90 days.

You can also narrow the results by the type of account holders, and who the patient’s preferred practitioner is. Click on the dark blue boxes to see the list of options you can tick.

Debtors 4

The results will be displayed in a table. You can filter your results using the light blue boxes at the top of each column. You can type in the values you wish to see or select from the drop-down menu.

Debtors 4

Follow-up actions

Highlight an item in the debtor list then and select from the Actions menu or use the right-click menu.

Debtors 5

Click Point of Sale to review accounts, or correct, refund or reverse an invoice.

You can access Patient Details and Clinical Notes.

Click Alert Note to create an alert for that patient. This will appear when you make an appointment or open the patient’s details.

Click Post-it Note to create a reminder that will appear when you open that patient’s clinical notes.

Click Document to create a letter for that account. A list of document templates will appear e.g. bad debt letter.

Debtors 4

The Reports menu:

Print statements for debtors by highlighting the debtors in the list and clicking Statement. Tick the appropriate fields, and click OK.

If you highlight more than one patient, an individual statement will be printed for each.

Click Print Debtor list to print the entire table.