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I’m Ashwin Patel, founder of myPractice. I’m a medical practitioner just like you, who wants to make life easier, smoother, and more efficient – and of course to offer the best possible service and healthcare to my patients.

25 dynamic years on (and many late nights), I still have this passion and it excites me to have reached a stage where we have:

  • A mature and complete product working on modern architecture
  • A group of some of NZ’s most visionary business people helping me to build the long term sustainable future of our offering and our dedicated development team constantly improving the solution

To our existing clients – thanks again for making the myPractice choice.

To everyone considering the move, I hope our ‘easy to implement and use’ solution and friendly service can soon be yours, and I really look forward to working with you 

Best Regards 

Ashwin patel