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Why MyPractice ?

We understand General Practice and your Team

  • Deep domain knowledge allows the system to be optimized for tasks completed with minimal keystrokes, reduced movement between tabs and screens.

  • Clinical leadership introducing integrated decision support and extension to international knowledge sources, clinical pathways shared across primary and secondary providers


Stability and confidence going into the future

  • 25 years experience in NZ PMS Sector. First-hand experience in General Practice and roles spanning IPAs/PHOs, RNZCGP, DHB and MOH.  The only NZ owned and  operated PMS. We are focused on the NZ market.

  • Stability and current. In Dot Net/SQL server since 2004. Mature phase now focused on maximizing connectivity and integration.

Flexibility and adaptability for your changing needs

  • Proven adaptability – paper to electronic notes, gms to capitation, IPA to PHO, local to connected systems. M45 on paper, e-lodged to a web form, now direct API.

  • Patient focus – patient and provider portals that span MyPractice and MedTech sites, patient-specific pathways.

Affordable and saving you money

  • Stand-alone to fully hosted managed solution. One point of contact for Hardware/Network/Connected Health / Host/Backup/ Virus protection/PMS. Automated updates. Personal service from a dedicated team.

  • Rich reporting tools. Instant internal reviews coupled with drill down to patient records. Population management tools.