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Cervical screening : HPV swabs and Cervical Smears (LBC)

Lab Form 

Other Lab Tab 

HPV Swabs  – for standard cervical screening 

HPV+Cytology  – for Follow up and Test of cure 

Cervical smear  – LBC for cytology 

Updated Form for cervical screening

  • Document HPV swabs and LBC smears 
  • Extra questions 
    • Immune deficiency
    • HPV vaccination
    • Self-collection
  • Options to order new tests 

Recall updates are handled when reviewing results


Download and install new form 




Results and Recalls

Reports will be displayed in your Mail Screen 

Recalls are updated on filing results

e.g. for Normal results 

Prompt for next recall will be displayed on filing the result. The task and due date will be based on the recommendation contained in the report. 

e.g. Normal result (No HPV)  – repeat in 5 yrs (or 3 yrs if immune deficient) 

A new or updated task with code CX is created. The The task description contains the type of follow up test recommended 

Mail Screen 

For Abnormal result

  • A follow-up test may be recommended 
    • A new or updated task is created for  with code CX. The task description contains the test recommended and the due date set.
  • Referral may be recommended 
    • A new or updated task is created for the practitioner filing the result with code CX. The task description contains the action recommended e.g Urgent Colposcopy Referral. Due date is now.

Processing Tasks (Recalls) 


The process is largely unchanged. We have retained the code CX for all cervical screening. 

  • Process existing recalls created and set in the past.
  • Carry out the screening tests as appropriate. (HPV swabs if no history of abnormal tests). 
  • When results come in the task description and appropriate due dates will be reset according to the new recommendations.

Hint:  You may want to update your document template letters for Cervical smears. e.g. use the term Cervical screening rather than Cervical smears.