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Recent Changes to MyPractice

 Version 24.2March 2024 
Clinical Special Authority – truncated text and missing itemsFix
TasksReview before Repeat . When patients need to be seen prior to issuing repeat prescriptionsset in mail or manually
resets on writing history in notes
TasksRemind for regular medications for patients not requesting repeats Right click menu on regular drug list -Remind. Sets task – set remind frequency (usually 3 monthly) , resets when script writenNew
TasksReminders for patients when Tests need to be doneCreate task with LABTEST code
Test name as description
Recurrence as required e.g 6monthly. Auto resets when results filed
Version 24.2February 2024
ACCReview/Return to work options for forms Clinical Notes, M45 /ACC 18Update
AccountsNew rural acc fees accounts setup, Fees, Update FeesUpdate
AccountsEmail unpaid invoices – updated subject line Cash up screenUpdate
AccountsMulti-select invoices to fix fees Schedules Update
Clinical Vaping codes added to smoking statusClinical , Smoking template in profileNew
ClinicalAlcohol and smoking status added to history when updatedClinical Notes, Profile New
DocumentsFuture appointments – no longer include appointment notesDocument TemplatesUpdate
GP2GPHide Measurement action notesRight Click menu in old notesNew
Konnect Allow larger file sizes Healthlink will need to update their system and activate New
NIR Allow multiple facilities for messages NIR MessagesUpdate
Query Ethnic Groups – incorrect drop down optionsQuery Builder Fix
Version 23.11November 2023
AdminScheduled txt sent regardless of appointment statusSchedulerFix
AdminHealth One Bulk uploadToolsUpdate
AppointmentsEmail highlighted appointment ListAppointment , right click menuNew
Clinical ACC form – adjust review date to be greater than max work incapacity dateClinical Update
Clinical Immunisation report – all vaccines, filter by name Tools, Report Viewer Update
Clinical Parked ACC form – red in profileClinical NotesUpdate
ClinicalOpen parked ACC form with double clickClinical notesUpdate
ClinicalCovid Vaccines sent to AIRImmunisation Tab New
Clinical All vaccines sent to AIR. Includes given overseas, unfunded vaccinesImmunisation Tab New
Clinical Browser used for links – Edge Clinical notes, AssistUpdate
Clinical Imaging Pathway LinkClinical notes , Radiology TabFix
Clinical Custom Letterheads for LettersLetterwriter Fix
MailTask updates for HPV. Uses text onlyMail ScreenUpdate
ReportsIPIF Reports – Patient list contains ethnic code. Columns can be orderedTools, Report Viewer Update
Version 23.10October 2023
AdminBulk update date last seen QED Tools MenuNew
MailPrint/Email results from Mail Screen Mail screen New
ClinicalEmail letter to second person, defaults to patientLetterwriterNew
ClinicalDrug history order Scripts TabFix
ClinicalACC diagnosis displayed in profile updated after diagnosis changed Forms -Edit AccidentFix
ClinicalACC 45 and ACC 18 layout upgrade
Print and email options shown on right
Clinical Notes, Forms TabUpdate
ClinicalLink to Nabla Co-pilotClinical Notes Screen New
Clinical/AdminLink to ChatGPT on ToolbarTop tool barNew
Version 23.9September 2023
Admin Quintiles updated if not matching with NHI. (New census boundaries)On NHI compareNew
AppointmentQuestionnaire Form (Antibiotic conservation project)Appointment – Right click menu New
ClinicalFaster loading of large clinical notesUpdate
Clinical Anatomy Zone linkAssist in clinical notesNew
Clinical HPV tests on Lab Form New
Clinical Cervical Smear and HPV Swab form Download from Website. Support / DownloadsNew
Clinical Up to three default venues printed on investigation forms System Settings Update
Mail HPV /Smear results – auto update next recall / set actions /description based on recommendations Mail. On Filing resultsNew
ReportsIPIF Reports include ethnic codes Report viewerUpdate
ReportsPayments by Provider
Revenue Summary
Report ViewerFix
TasksDate/author stamp on log entriesTask Editor Update
TasksIncreased font sizes, change layoutTask Editor Update
Version 23.7`July 2023
AccountsNew Immunisation and Maternity Fees for July 1Accounts Setup. Fees Tab. Update fees button New
AccountsImproved format for Printed Statements Accounts – Statements Update
AdminDate Last seen updated in NES date updated in PMSAccounts screenUpdate
AdminNotes Tab – Preferred Name displayed if presentSystem setting to use alias in place of first name New
AppointmentsArrivals/Triage /Location colours alignedAppointment book , Right Click MenuFix
Clinical Hypertension Management formDownload from Website
Import with form Designer
Clinical Assessment of Capacity FormDownload from Website
Import with form Designer
ClinicalAttachments – added row filterOld Notes – Attachment TabNew
ClinicalUsual Chemist, select from Healthlink Address Book or own contact listClinical notes and Repeat prescription screenUpdate
ClinicalCreatinine clearance calculated (Cockcroft Gault equation) displayed on script writerNew
Clinical Immunisation – auto select 65Y indication for Shingrex if aged 65 or 66Immunisation tabUpdate
GP2GPAll problems imported from Indici as Long term flag is not set by Indici GP2GP import in Mail. Users will need to untick items they do not want added to the profile. Update
GP2GPReduce duplicates imported into Problem list GP2GP incoming mailUpdate
MailShortcut F3 added for filter box , Increased size Mail ScreenUpdate
MailNew Filter for Normal Lab ResultsFilter Box in Mail screenNew
MailFile All Right click in Patient List. Use for Filtered Mail. New
MailMedication Reconciled added to MyNote if regular medication updated Mail ScreenNew
TasksChange Remind date when Due Date changed Task Editor Update
TasksNew Log items are added to top of log so they remain in view Task Editor Update
Version 23.6June 2023
AdminCheck for duplicates when NHI added to Patient detailsPatient Details screen New
Admin Clinical Performance Indicators by Practice CPI in Tools menuUpdate
AppointmentsIcons for Triage/Locations flagsRight Click Menu in Appointment BookUpdate
AppointmentsOption to disable move from appointment book to Own when opening notes in waiting listUser Settings Update
AppointmentsSend Txt from Appointment Book Appointment Book right click menuNew
Autotext Check box options for Personal and SharedAutotext EditorUpdate
AutoTextAutotext available in Email ScreenEmail screensUpdate
ClaimsBexsero Vaccines
Menactra Vaccline
Immunisation Tab in clinical notesNew
ClinicalExtra functions for signature exempt scripts
Temporary Chemist
Add New Chemist
Search Healthpoint for Chemist
Clinical; Notes, Scripts Tab
New Drop Down
Clinical NotesView Word docs in attachment viewerAttachment Viewer Update
Clinical NotesDisplay JPG files with PaintDiagramsUpdate
Clinical Move Items to Top or Bottom in profile Right Click Menu for profile itemsNew
Clinical Extra Information displayed for VaccinesImmunisation tab
Source NZF
ClinicalTxt Size limit removed Mail screenUpdate
Clinical HPV tests added to Lab form Lab tab in clinical notesNew
Clinical Patient Decision Aids Assist link next to diagnosis New
ClinicalScript History displays changes to regular medicationsChanges recorded in action notes by clicking buttons in Drug Log
New Medication Review options
GP2GPRelabel default diagnosis when imported
– insert your own diagnosis or summary text
Label as Repeat Medication
Set as Task event
Set as Correspondence
Hide consult note (Duplicates or blanks)
Old Notes – Right Click menu for GP2GP consultsNew
Letter Writer Healthlink Address listLetter writer – Recipient search includes Healthlink directory as well as address bookNew
Patient DetailsOption to display Alias name where available instead of first name System SettingsNew
ReportsIwi as Search criteria and Result table optionQuery BuilderNew
Reports ASR Reports count Fix
ScrapbookCopy items from scrapbook into patients notes as an attachmentPatient Button in scrapbookNew
Version 23.1Jan 2023
Appointment Five triage categories (Appointment states)System set up to create labels, Appointment menu to assignNew
AdminMobile Number added to Derm engine extractPatient HL7 Extract from appointment book menuUpdate
AdminEmail for organisations for preview statementsAccounts, Statementsupdate
ClinicalForm Designer – form moves items if saved when scrolled down Form Designer Fix
ClinicalACC form – show comment on new formClinical notes- Add accidentUpdate
ClinicalAlert and regular drug -yellow background if uncoded Allergy and Reg Medication ListFix
ClinicalMore compact Lab LabelClinical notes and appointment bookUpdate
ClinicalOnset displayed with new Profile itemsMail screen
ClinicalRemove prompt to Print controlled drugs as well as sendClinical notesUpdate
Clinical Assign usual chemist for Signature-less scriptsDrop down menu in script writerNew
ClinicalAssign temporary chemist for Signature-less scriptsDrop down menu in script writerNew
ClinicalAdd new chemist to contactsDrop down menu in script writerNew
ClinicalLook up chemist details from HealthpointDrop down menu in script writerNew
Clinical: GP2GP Option to remove hightlight from GP2GP note Right click in Old NotesNew
Version 22.10Oct 2022
Clinical: GP2GP Duplicate profile and medication items unselected for importMail. Processing GP2GP message Upgrade
Clinical: GP2GP Relabel diagnosis as Repeat Medication Do not make bold in old notes
Do not include in Summary
Old Notes. Right click menu if GP2GP noteNew
Clinical: GP2GP Relabel Diagnosis (summary) for imported GP2GP notes Old Notes. Right click menu if GP2GP noteNew
Clinical ACC18 Printout will include multiple lines of fitness ACC Medical Certificate – Print Update
Clinical Growth Charts for children under 5y – Percentile lines, for weight, length and head circumference . Multiple values are plotted on same graphClinical notes. Measurements table, right click menu – GraphNew
ClinicalGrowth Charts for children under 5y – Plots using wolfgram alpha site Clinical notes. Measurements table, right click menu – Plot Growth ChartUpdate
Clinical eGFR has reference lines for Stages of renal failure when graphedResults, select eGFR , right click menu – GraphNew
Document TemplateAppropriate Diagnostic TestsHandout to explain why we may reject requests for tests New
FormsBreast ExamObtain from Downloads in the support menu of our website
Import using the Form designer
Access from Forms in clinical notes
FormsEar ExamObtain from Downloads in the support menu of our website
Import using the Form designer
Access from Forms in clinical notes
FormsEczemaObtain from Downloads in the support menu of our website
Import using the Form designer
Access from Forms in clinical notes
FormsDiabetes ManagementObtain from Downloads in the support menu of our website
Import using the Form designer
Access from Forms in clinical notes
FormsIron InfusionObtain from Downloads in the support menu of our website
Import using the Form designer
Access from Forms in clinical notes
FormsObstructive Sleep apnoeaObtain from Downloads in the support menu of our website
Import using the Form designer
Access from Forms in clinical notes
FormsInsomniaObtain from Downloads in the support menu of our website
Import using the Form designer
Access from Forms in clinical notes
FormsDepression historyObtain from Downloads in the support menu of our website
Import using the Form designer
Access from Forms in clinical notes
ReportsImmunisation report now works for all ages Report Viewer Upgrade
TasksWorkflow – send Document as txt if document type is txt Task Manger. Process Task (with workflow set)Fix
Taskstxt from task manager sends incorrect document if no task code presentTask Manager Fix
AdminUpdating Date Last Seen with clinical note even when option not selected Fix
Version 22.8August 2022
AccountsInvoice and receipt format improvements Update
Accounts2022 Immunisation feesAccount set-up , Fees TabUpdate
Appointments Name not always displayedFix
Clinical New printed prescription layoutAs per new MOH instructionsUpdate
ClinicalNew M45 number directly from ACC APIClinical Notes, Add accident.
Removes need to get new range of M45 numbers.
Forms Colour by destination Form Designer. Right click menu
Version 22.7July 2022
MailUnable to file RSD files with missing titlesMail ScreenUpdate
AdminUpdated e-samm htpps URLStored within codeUpdate
AccountsNew Immunisation feesAccounts set up . Fees Tab, Update
AppointmentsOption to disable check for existing appointments User settingsUpdate
Appointments Updated Refresh to reduce unlabelled appointmentsAppointment Book
Refresh Link
ClinicalLimited Memory available Fix
ClinicalIf script is deleted during edit notes – E-prescription also CancelledClinical notesNew
Form DesignerNew controls to add Headings and Colour by destinationsForm Designer. Right click menuUpdate
Version 22.6June 2022
AccountsPrinted Invoices, statements include Practice email address instead of fax numberAccountsUpdate
AccountsNew fees for ACC, Maternity from July 1Accounts Set up, Fees TabNew
AdminEdit Reference and code values when missing/incorrect before sending claims. Accounts, Claim Schedules New
Admin Preferences , email, mobile sent for Patient Survey Patient details screen NES uploadUpdate
Admin Option to update Date last seen after consultation System Settings
Clinical Notes, Finish
Admin Not importing address from electronic enrolment formPatient details screen , import JotformFix
ClinicalDisplay document names instead of Reports in Old Notes for imported docsClinical Notes, Old NotesNew
Clinical Accident List in profile sometimes displayed cause rather than diagnosisClinical Notes, ProfileFix
ClinicalScripts include patient emailPrinted scripts Update
Clinical Accident display Date, then diagnosisClinical Notes, ProfileUpdate
ClinicalImprove auto-population of meds/conditions to CVD/AF formClinical Notes, CVD Risk/AF FormUpdate
ClinicalUpdate new rules for AF guidelinesClinical Notes, CVD Risk/AF FormUpdate
Clinical Suggestions for AF /Chad score Download new suggestions from Website New
Clinical Suggestions for Diabetic patients eligible for SGLT2 medicationDownload new suggestions from Website New
ClinicalEdit notes imported from GP2GP Clinical Notes, Old Notes , Edit notes New
Clinical Suggestion rules include any diagnosis or regular medications Tools, clinical setup, suggestionsUpdate
Clinical Dermatoscopy 2 step/3 criteria form Download from Website. New
ClinicalFlu Vaccine for 3-12y – set default indication as Eligible conditionClinical Notes, ImmunisationUpdate
Clinical Autofiled NIR messages with incorrect header when filedMail screen
Fix script in clean up menu
TasksAutorecalls (new regular patients) not assigning to nominated staff On creating new patient/change to RegularFix
Title BarUser name not updated when users switched . Fix
Title BarDisplay Workstation Name On Title Bar after user name. New
Version 22.3March 2022
MailDisplay Clinical Notes from Test OrdersMail Screen New
AccountsMaternity Claims R2 Revision ClaimsUpdate
AdminCBF/NES MenuMenu items related to CBF or NES moved to new locationUpdate
AdminPrint Lab labels from appointment bookRight Click MenuNew
AdminTxt Message Update Ezitext Update
Clinical /AdminPrint RTF with pictures / tables Fix
Clinical e-Prescriptions using eps APIPrescriptionsNew
Clinical Web viewer update View Web pages with updated browser New
Clinical View PDF with browser (Adobe retired)New
Clinical Atrial Fibrillation Updated RulesClinical. Forms. CVD/AFUpdate
System Dot Net version 4.8Update
Version 21.11November 2021
Accounts Maternity 2021 Schedule changes Import new maternity codes/fees
Create new Maternity 21 Invoice type
AccountsAcc Autoreconcilation – support for reapplying payments to multiple invoicesAccount Schedules screenUpdate
AlertsAlert if two covid vaccine doses not present on searching patients and arrival Staff- User settings. Alert New
AppointmentsPrint Single label from appointment bookAppointment book – right click menuNew
Appointments Move between appointment tabs – improvement in speed Appointment BookUpdate
ClinicalShortcut to print Lab Label for Nasopharyngeal swab Clinical Notes
Clinical Display PDF in web browserMail/NotesUpdate
Clinical Add to Dictionary Spell checkFix
Clinical Atrial Fibrillation pathway . Calculate Chad score / create tasks CVD Risk screen New
MailFilters for CIR messages and Covid Swabs Mail Screen New
Patient DetailsImport address from NHI. Defaults to Home address / mailing addressNHI CompareUpdate
Version 21.10October 2021
AppointmentsAuto Email reminder – Direct to Email dialog Update
ClinicalOption for default email for scriptsSystem SettingsNew
Clinical Age In Measurement Table – Slow processFixed
Clinical Prescribe by Brand (not generic) alerts , gray in list Select drug to prescribeNew
Clinical Old sickness benefit form link removedUse sickness benefit form from Healthlink Connect menu Update
Clinical Immunisation sequence – only counts given vaccines Clinical notes Update
Clinical Incorrect special authority expiry date import fixed and users alerted if possible correction neededClinical NotesUpdate
Clinical Covid vaccine – do not attempt to send to NIRManual entry of immunisationsFix
Version 21.9September 2021
AccountsNon numeric input into adjustments causes error User warned if invalid inputUpdate
AccountsDebtors by facility ReportReport ViewerNew
ACCSupport multiple certificates Update
ACCACC number displays on Left Update
AppointmentsSet Patient Details Error when waiting room list closed Fix
CIRCIR Toolbar ButtonClick on patient on appointment book , then Click on CIR Button. Log into CIR . CIR will open with the patient selected. New
ClinicalCare Plan Printout includes relationshipsClinical Notes. Plan tab. PrintUpdate
ClinicalUser defined forms – supports opening webforms Forms designer – can include webform names in Form destinationNew
ClinicalUpdated control drug listUpdate
ClinicalSpecial authority Expiry date incorrect importFix
Clinical Reload forms and document list after using editorUpdate
Clinical Letter as attachment Fix
LabelsPrint Lab labels from appointment menu, patient details screen
New shortcut in clinical notes
Patient details Notes and preference tab not fully expanded on first useFix
Spell CheckerSpell checker cannot start when access to custom dictionary deniedContinues to load without custom dictionaryUpdate
StaffStaff List contains HPI Staff EditorUpdate
Version 21.6June 2021
AppointmentsCopy/Paste appointments for current patient Open notes, patient details or accounts for any patient. When you go back to the appointment book, you can select a timeslot, right click and select Paste to make an appointment for that patient.
From task manager or query builder , click on the row with a patient then go to the appointment book and use paste to make an appointment.
AppointmentsFacility (Practice) name/address and appointment with added to document templates tagsUpdate the document templates with these new tags e.g. for email/text remindersNew
AccountsContract Ids sent to ACC in APIClaims for ACC will include the Contract ID (in staff details or based on the staff occupation). Special contract ids can be stored with the service types. Separate invoices are now created for each contract Id type. Update
AccountsMaternity Fee Update for July 1Accounts setup – feesUpdate
Accounts Adjustments – fix alignment of amountAccounts screen, Credit/correct amount box Fix
Accounts Bulk movement of items
Move to new invoice
Accounts screen, highlight one or more invoice items , Move to another invoice or ‘New’ to create a new invoice. Update
AccountsCareplus renewal set to 12 monthsSchemes for careplus with default to 12 months expiryUpdate
AccountsCash up report – performance improvement Accounts menu, Cash up reportUpdate
ClinicalLink to Healthwise -patient decision aid Clinical Notes, Assist. Resource for helping patients with decisions New
Clinical Immunisation for Meningococcal B to NIR /Claimable Immunisation listUpdate
ClinicalAnaphylaxis Guide Immunisation Screen. Based on IMAC guidelineNew
ClinicalPatient Email option for local mappings Best Practice referral Form Update
Clinical Lab form – 2 columns for tests in printoutClinical notes – Lab . Fits more tests on a single sheet for printingUpdate
ClinicalAuto TextEditor displays shared shortcuts in Green New
GP2GPRegular Medications from prescriptions marked long term and prescribed less than 12M agoMailUpdate
MailAuto file Vaccines in mailMail screen. Immunisation updates from NIR/CIR are filed without needing to click on File. Helps reduce work with copious messages being sent for Infuenza/Covid.
Can be disabled in system settings
Document TemplatesPostcode TagsAddress tags include post code optionUpdate
ClinicalAuto Text The personal auto text takes precedence over shared ones (when the same shortcut exists)New
CPIOption to zip CPI extractsCheckbox on CPI dialog screen New
Patient DetailsNotes auto size Patients Details Screen. Notes and Preferences area resizes to match space available. Fix
ReportsNo Invoice for appointments reports improved performanceReport Viewer. Update
ReportsEnrollment report – select practitionersReport viewerUpdate
TasksPrompt to update Cervical smear or Mammogram task if reports received Mail screen. If a report contains ‘Smear ‘or ‘Mammogram’ and an outstanding task exists, a prompt will appear. New
TasksStop creation of Blank tasks Tasks created without a task description will not be saved. Fix
TasksTasks Clean Up Clean up options available from Task Manager. Tools to clean up Codes, descriptions, due dates, remove duplicates. New
Version 21.4 Extra UpdateEnd April 2021
AccountsUpdated ACC Fees for May 1st Accounts Set up. Fees. Update button Update
Document TemplateSite of appointment can be added to appointment remindersDocument Template Editor. Tag for Appointment Facility (Location). Update
Document TemplatesList and search includes codes (used for recall letters)Document Template editorUpdate
TasksFix for tags in task documents that could cause freezingTask Manager – Process Fix
Version 21.4 UpdateApril 2021
AccountsStripe Payments – Payment method labelled as Stripe in Cashup reportsCashup screenUpdate
AccountsAllocate Payment to multiple invoicesAccounts Payment Tab. Highlight multiple invoices, click on allocate New
Clinical NotesFaster opening of notes Open Clinical NotesUpdate
Clinical NotesFaster saving of notesClose Clinical NotesUpdate
Clinical NotesReduced memory usageBetter memory clean up after closing each clinical noteUpdate
Clinical NotesNo Allergy ButtonClinical notes screen . Tick if confirmed patient has no allergiesNew
Clinical NotesRSD message with no content (Blanks)Hidden in old notes Update
GP2GPBlank Current Problems cannot be edited/removed Clinical Notes, Profile. Right click to edit/removeUpdate
GP2GPCurrent Problems appear blank when imported from MedtechMail Screen
Query BuilderAdd Pathways, Goals and Care plansQuery Builder Update
Query Builder Encounter Datetime can be added to results tableQuery Builder . Results TableUpdate
TasksDeclined script tasks – details copied to notesDecline a Repeat Prescription task in clinical notesNew
TasksSelect tasks by Preferred PractitionTask Manager. Selection drop down – Recalls (Practitioner)Update
TasksDate of tasks created by external programs also = today Fix
Version 21.3 UpdateMarch 2021
AppointmentsChange Font SizeStaff – User SettingsNew
ACC Import Remittance adviceEnhancements for multiple invoices per payment Schedule Screen Update
Clinical Notes Spacing between rows in table can be reduced to previous viewStaff – User SettingsNew
GP2GPRegular Medications and Problem List Import improvementsMail Screen – FileUpdate
ImmunisationsImport Covid Register updatesMail, Immunisation tableNew
MailTask Options moved to Task List Mail Screen Update
MailImmunisations always added if they do not exist (No Add Immunisation button) Mail Screen Update
Patient Details Option whether to display Notes and Preferences , Option whether to see TasksUnTick Pin at top of sectionsNew
PrescriptionsNon Exempt Class C Drugs – Page C, Print when sending electronicallyNew Prescriptions Update
Preview Screen Save As PDFMenu BarUpdate
Query Builder Save Results As CSV
Query Builder
Can reload if NHI.PartyGuid is first column
TasksNames not displaying on new tasks
Author not in Log
Task EditorFix
Task Batch Add from Clinical Pathways Option in designerNew
Tool Bar User can select colour for background of toolbarStaff – User SettingsNew
Task Batch Add from Form Form Designer – new output optionNew
Txt Messages Unicode Characters removed to increase character limit before extra changes applySend as UsualUpdate
Version 21.1 UpdateJanuary 2021
New Icons and colour schemeAll screens New
Increased font sizes Many screens Update
AccountsImport and process ACC RemittancesACC API must be enabled
Account Schedules
Right click menu
Mail Tasks moved to left of actions list to improve visibilityMail ScreenUpdate
Patient Details Notes and settings on main screen Patient Details ScreenUpdate
Patient Details Patients Recalls and screening tasks on Patients Details Screen Patient Details ScreenNew
GP2GPLarge files sometimes skipped sending notesSome notes may need to be resentFix
TasksFunction to remove duplicate tasks
Tasks Batches will not add task if already exists
Clean up – add code based on task description
Clean Up MenuNew
Version 20.12 Update20 December 2020
Clinical New Read Code for Firearms Licence HolderSuggest add to Social HistoryNew
Clinical Notify Icon for opening, sending txt / email to remove extra clicks on confirmationUpdate
Clinical Work Cert -dates not changed Work certificatefix
ClinicalAlcohol status dropdrops not updating statusAlcohol profilefix
Clinical Longer link for Direct Delivery to Chemist Scriptwriter
TaskSingle email – update deferred date fix
Version 20.12 UpdateDecember 2020
ACCImport Certificates to workstations Automated on workstation updatesNew
ASRImprovements to import from CSVUpdate
ClinicalRename Attachments Clinical notes,
Old Notes Tab, Attachments Sidetab
ClinicalImport Forms From selected on line forms, call for detailsNew
Clinical Add nurse practitioner to NIR messages ImmunisationsUpdate
Clinical Auto set indication to 65Y for zostavax if 65-80y oldImmunisation New
Clinical Age column in Task ManagerTask Manager Update
ClinicalAge column in Immunisation HistoryImmunisations TabUpdate
Clinical Remove ## from attachment names GP2GPUpdate
Clinical Goals added to Forms OutputsForm DesignerUpdate
Clinical Improve speed of filtered searches Document Templates / Form Designer / ScrapbookUpdate
Health One HealthOne specify from fixed date, bulk upload by date range Update
TasksAuto assign to Preferred practitioner or current provider Task Batch EditorUpdate
Version 20.8 UpdateSeptember 2020
Accounts Fee Details – drop down calculatorPOS Accounts Screen Update
AccountsSplit Fees (e.g. Insurance co-payment)POS Accounts screen
Right Click on Third Party Invoice Item. Splits fee with Patient based on percent
Accounts Statements – min balance does not match displayed items Debtors reportFix
Accounts Edit Invoice line and Payment Dates System Administrators onlyNew
AccountsPrinted Invoices – Exclude CorrectionsUpdate
Admin Operation List enhancements, autotext, copy to clipboardAppointment Type OperationUpdate
AdminImproved Import for On-line JotformsPatients Details Screen Update
Admin Update date last seen when invoice created by WebForms Clinical Screen – Webforms Update
ClinicalResize images Old Notes, Attachments side tab. Right click on JPeg or BMP picture . Resize to create reduced size image . Useful for e-referralsNew
ClinicalAdd Care Team to Plan (Relationships)Plan Tab in Clinical NotesNew
Clinical Letter writer – Option to suppress printing of built in footer Staff, Practitioner settings. Omit FooterNew
Clinical DOB check for 45Y and 65Y indications
Gender Check for Pregnancy Indication
Clinical NIR changes for October 2020Vaccine groups and task batch changes Update
ClinicalLab Label – Prompts for siteClinical Notes, Lab Label LinkUpdate
Clinical Lab requests printed in order RequestedClinical – Lab Update
Clinical New disease codes for CKDDiagnosis, Clinical NotesUpdate
Clinical Warn if renal impairment and prescribing renal sensitive drugsScript WriterNew
ClinicalAttachment not sent if document template with picture and attachmentsEmail LetterFix
ClinicalDisplay latest eGFR on script writer TabScript TabNew
GP2GPLab Result Dates Incorrect date displayed when group date different from test date Fix
GP2GPStop duplicate notes from being imported from duplicate GP2GP messagesMail, GP2GP Update
Report No Invoice for Scripts Report Viewer New
ReportsFlexible funding (Including credited items)Report ViewerNew
Scrap BookSend Documents as Email Attachments Scrap Book. Toolbar Button – Email New
ScriptsBar Code Not printed if Page Letter not supplied With GP2GP imported drugsFix
Scripts e-prescription ULM code sometimes incorrect when mismatched ULM code removed for drugs where name does not match ULM name Fix
Tasks Select All Button Task Manager New
Tasks Task Manager list not always refreshed after Process Tasks Task Manager Fix
Txt Messaging Confirm Message after txt sentDocument Template – txt messagesFix
Version 20.8 UpdateAugust 2020
AccountsCorrected mismatched Corrections for invoice and payments itemsLog in as system administrator. Right click on Credited item and select [Correct Mismatched]New
Accounts No longer displays credits/corrections in Patient view unless selectedAccounts Screen Update
AccountsEmail for Invoices use Payor’s email details rather than patientsAccounts screenUpdate
AppointmentOperation List – new notes field Encounter type Operation
Print Operation List from appointments
AppointmentAutotext activated when writing appointment noteAppointments Update
Clinical Cleaner display of old notes Suppress expansion of Old Note lines for referrals/ACC forms Update
ClinicalCare Plan – PrintPrint Button in Plan tab New
Clinical Graphs include option for Min/Max Reference ranges Graph Measurements and results
Menu item
ClinicalAccident form – Work address – eSamm lookup. Option to save for PatientAccident Form Update
Health One Integration with Health One Shared Care Platform New
Patient DetailsJotforms – Import patient details from Email . Duplicate check. Patient Details screen Update
Patient Details Forces NES update after date of enrolment changed Patient Details ScreenFix
Query BuilderOption to select Minimum, Maximun , First and Last Values for BMI/BP/WEight/Height and Lab ResultsDrop down in Set columnNew
ReportsNo results for Ordered Tests Report Viewer New
ReportsFlexible Funding report improvements around quintile Report Viewer Update
StaffStream line addition of new staff: Copy address and phone/fax from a companyButton at top of staff editor New

Previous MyPractice changes

Previous ReleasesVersion 20.6 UpdateJune 2020 
AccountsMaternity Fees from July 2020Accounts setup screen, fees tabUpdate
AccountsChange Payor for Payment or InvoiceAccount Payments
System Admin only
AccountsMissing debtors when multiple credits StatementsFix
Accounts Clean up for incorrect payor allocationsUpdate
Appointment Send email on making appointmentCreate document template and add code APPTREMIND
Set system setting preference
ClinicalAttaching Attachments to letters Missing Temp file errorLetter writerFix
Clinical ACC18 Print error for restrictions Print ACC18Fix
Clinical NIR and Immunisation Update for 2020New Vaccine groups and claim codes New
Clinical Allergy Warning Improvement for drug groupsPrescriptionsUpdate
ClinicalOption to suppress medication details in email responseComplete Task for Prescription
System Setting
ClinicalEmail response to patients when completing script tasktask created in Repeat prescription screenNew
ClinicalReference Range in GraphsAdd range in menu.
Weight BMI 20-25 lines
ClinicalProfile items can be indentedRight click menu in problem list New
Clinical Update venue on investigation forms when changed after ordering testsLab/Rad TestsFix
Clinical Appointment History Link at bottom right panel in clinical notesNew
GP2GPRegular Drugs import Fix
GP2GPRemove blank vitals
GP2GP Import missing demographicsGP2GP Import in MailNew
GP2GP Improve exports with bad data in measurementsUpdate
Patient EnrollmentImport Patient details from on-line JotForm enrollment form Patients detail screen. Import from JotformsNew
KioskLog Arrivals by KioskSystem Setting to Log ArrivalsNew
Query Builder Bulk Invitations to Health365Query Builder. System Admin OnlyNew
ReportsAppointment Type second table addedReport viewerUpdate
Text Messaging Support long text messages without 160 char limit MyPractice EzitextUpdate
Version 20.4 UpdateApril 2020
Contacts Search list includes email and Healthlink EDIContacts searchUpdate
Clinical Convert BMP files to JPEG in attachments view Prior to including attachment as part of e-referralNew
ClinicalOrder Profile (Current problem, past history, surgical, family, social historyRight Click and Promote or demote itemsNew
ClinicalAttach report into Letter does not work for some typesLetter writerFix
Clinical Scripts to Healthlink – annotate notesScript writerUpdate
ReportsFlexible Funding
Flu Vaccine by Ethnicity
Remove duplicatesFix
Version 20.4April 2020
ClinicalDrugs – Search by Indication or ConditionClinical notes – script writer e.g. scabiesNew
ClinicalSending email notification – change to stop lockingClinical notesUpdate
Clinical Documents – If previewed then emailed – no longer printClinical notes – scripts, lab forms, off work etcUpdate
ClinicalOff work certificate – remove mention of examination, doctor or nurse. Suitable for phone/video consultsOff Work CertificateUpdate
ClinicalDirect delivery of scripts by Email (signature exempt)Enter email address in Chemist’s contact detailsNew
Clinical If chemist chosen for direct delivery doesn’t have email or edi – prompts then savesDirect delivery scriptsUpdate
Patient DetailsAlert if NHI/NES accessed without Preferred PractitionerPatient Details ScreenUpdate
Version 20.3March 2020
AccountsZoster Co-administration with Flu – new Fee /claimImmunisation ClaimsNew
AccountsInvoice Report includes GST NumberPoint of sale screenFix
Accounts New claim for Emergency Vaccine ProgramsImmunisationsNew
AppointmentsWhen notes opened from Waiting room list – set Notes Open time Waiting Room QueueUpdate
Clinicale-Orders are prefixed with eLab: Clinical notes: actions ListUpdate
ClinicalIf setting set for letter as PDF attachment- Disable when other Attachments presentLetter Writer option in practitioner settingFix
Clinical Integration with Ryman Healthcare (Rest Home system)Contact Helpdesk to activateNew
Clinical Repeat Prescriptions – difficulty unticking RequestRegular Drug ListFixed
Clinical Paperless Scripts – Barcode in Subject line for pharmacists. Script writerUpdate
ClinicalPlaceholder Text in text areas as aid to new users User Setting available to disable if unwantedNew
ClinicalClosed Immunisations sent to NIRImmunisationsUpdate
ClinicalBP Plus added to source column for measurementsBP+ Update
Clinical RSD Letters cope with missing recipient names Letter writerUpdate
EmailNotification re-enabled after sendingLetter writer/doc templatesUpdate
Patient DetailsLabel and text size improvements Patient Details screen Update
Patient DetailsLink for patient portal – Green if registered Patient Details screen Update
Query BuilderBulk Texting Limit of 160 characters removedQuery builder Update
ReportsFlexible Funding Reports updated to report on Payors with #BUDGET rather than Service TypesFlexible Funding, Exceptions, By OrganisationsUpdate
Text MessagingError messages improved when failedSystem LogUpdate
TasksBackground Colors based on PriorityTask Lists New
Invoice For Capitated patients report Report ViewerNew
Version 20.1January 2020
ACCGet next M45 no only when neededAccident FormFix
Clinical Area to record Differential DiagnosisSOAP note in clinical notesNew
ClinicalDefault sigs added for many common drugs from NZF Drug Search ListUpdate
ClinicalSigs cannot be added for selected drugsRight Click on Medication in Search ListFix
E-MailSupport TLS 1.2 as microsoft is deprecating 1.0/1.1Preference to revert to older version in system settingsUpgrade
Health linkRSD 2.3 version on acknowledgementsFix
LabTests ordered by e-orders are now prefixed with eLAB: in the actions listActions ListUpdate
MailNew regular medications – prompt for sig/mitteProfile in MailUpdate
Report ViewerStop Button to abort long queriesButton at top right Update
ReferralsHutt Valley e-referrals auto removal of invalid character copied from NZF in medicationsForms- e-referralsFix
Version 19.11November 2019
AccountsCredit All – uses Payment DateAccount PaymentsUpdate
ACCE Lodgement menu item restoredTransitional as e-lodgement is being deprecatedUpdate
ACCForm – readiness for API connection. Save alternative funderClinical – Accident FormFix
ACCForm layout – improve consistencyClinical – Accident FormUpdate
MailMy Notes – single click annotations.
Monitor – adds task
Mail Screen Update
MailProfile – Add Accident
Regular Medications – Add, Edit and delete
Mail Screen. Profile.
Right Click for menu
ClinicalPathways – display comments on mouseoverClinical Notes, profile – pathwayUpdate
Clinical Form designer – pictures, measurement box background colour to improve visibility
Form DesignerUpdate
Clinical Form designer – remove snap to grid on selecting control Form DesignerUpdate
Clinical Pathway Editor – Copy row functionClinical Setup. Pathways EditorNew
GP2GPMeasurements -Improve mappings
Surgical History from procedures
Mail. Incoming GP2GPUpdate
Version 19.10November 2019
AccountsCustomised Txt Message for statementsSystem Settings , Account sectionNew
ClinicalCervical Smear Recalls – start from age 25yTools Menu, Clean Up, TasksNew
Clinical Emailed letters are sent as attachments as long as they donot have imagesClinical notes, letter writerupdate
Clinical ScriptsRepeats not printed Fix
ClinicalPathways – view comments with right menu optionUpdate
Clinical e-referrals – lab attachments as RTF Healthlink e-referrals
BPAC e-referrals
Clinical New Built in Accident form
Ready for API ConnectionNew
Clinical Immunisation – alert if diluent details not present for varilrix vaccineUpdate
GP2GP Handles Indici Medication codesUpdate
GP2GP Exclude incoming non long term medications from Regular medicationsUpdate
GP2GPImproved mapping for incoming messages Update
TasksEmails sent as attachments only if no imageTask ManagerFix
TasksStep can be edited Task Editor
TasksRe-assign -list displays staff notesTask Manager
TasksCustomised Txt Message for recalls System Settings , Task sectionNew
Version 19.10October 2019
ClinicalPaperless Scripts- option to print and send Follow PromptsUpdate
Clinical New Prescriptions for Controlled Drugs – if e-ps Page C or XOn selecting new medicationNew
ClinicalRemove Items from Medication SidebarFix
ClinicalCVD Calculations include Equation versionVisible on List Tab on measurement TableUpdate
Clinical e-prescriptions – new SCID (barcode) for each page letterUpdate
ClinicalCode for various vaccines to enable claiming and recording by brand usedSelect vaccines by brand name in Imms screen Update
Clinicalcc in letter writer Create first letter , then copy from actions list
use CC to get new EDI or Email, Create . Repeat as necessary
ClinicalSpO2 added to default measurement table Update
Clinical Letter Writer – add current note – separates Action and Plan ItemsUpdate
Clinical Assist Links updated Update
ClinicalBPAC e-referrals handles patients with large numbers of resultsupdate
Clinical Results sideview – remove \br\ tags Fix
DermSynchEnhance HL7 Message to include email/mobile numdersUpdate
Document TemplatesOccupation Tags for Preferred Practitioner, current practitioner and current user New
HealthLinkCopes with invalid RSD messages with missing message dateUpdate
HealthLinkInclude Version Number in outgoing Message HeadersNew
GP2GPHandles incorrect Refused Status as Declined on importsUpdate
GP2GPExclude measurements with invalid datesFix
MailSet default Staff for ‘Make Appointment’ and ‘Make Urgent Appointment’ User Settings New
Patient Details Eligibility Link updatedFix
Patient DetailsNew Enrolment Option in Details ScreenSends request for New e-enrolmentNew
Query BuilderRelationship With and type – search contact listQuery Builder -New CriteriaNew
TasksCustomise txt messages for recalls document template with task code and txtMessage type will be used to send txt from Task ManagerNew
Task Customise default txt message for any recall tasksSystem Settings, Task SectionNew
Team ViewerUpdated vesrionHelp MenuUpdate
Version 19.8August 2019
ClinicalImmunisation – allow selection by brand name for claimable vaccines Immunisation Tab in clinical notesUpdate
ClinicalDirect Delivery Scripts
for any enabled Chemist
See Manual update
ClinicalDirect Delivery Scripts
select scripts to send and those to print
ClinicalSelect Direct Delivery Chemist for Each PatientClick on link in script writerNew
ClinicalDirect Delivery from Repeat Prescription Screen New
Clinical Attachments – display Size in bytesPrint Attachments
Add Attachments to Letter
MessagingHealthDoc copes with incorrect timezoneupdate
GP2GPShow size of each attachment
Send Selected Attachments
GP2GP screen – Tick Select Attachments before creating fileNew
ReportTriage Report Fix
Version 19.6June 2019
AccountsFee Set Up – update Maternity Fees for July 1Accounts Setup, Fees Tab, Update ACC/Maternity ButtonNew
AccountsAuto allocations will no longer use CreditsAccount Payments ScreenUpdate
ClinicalAlert when prescribing medication without current subsidyClinical notes – Prescribe new or regular drug
Practitioner setting to disable
Viagra/Cialis excluded
ClinicalE-Prescriptions will still be generated for patients with invalid email addressesPreviously an invalid email address with stop e-prescription messages being createdFix
ClinicalNIR Message includes time as well as date NIRUpdate
ClinicalNIR message with administrator of vaccine NIRFix
Clinical Option to enable scripts to be sent to Pharmacy as healthdoc (no signature, no paper)Home Delivery Scheme
Contact with EDI /Address
Preference Setting for service
ClinicalPortal Post enabled for any staff Previously limited to practitionersUpdate
GP2GPOption to exclude attachmentsFor extra large attachments that cannot be transported by HealthlinkUpdate
ClinicalCVD Calculator – Baseline risk CVD Link in clinical notesNew
ClinicalCVD Calculator – Link to alternative calculatorCVD link in clinical notesUpdate
ClinicalCVD Risk Calculator Correction in Dep Index / Male diabetes factorsCVD Link in clinical notesfix
ClinicalAlert user if patient over 14y is a dependent on the portal Open Clinical NotesNew
ClinicalImmunisation Recall for 15M -> change recall date to 12M Tools, Clean Up, Tasks, change 15M to 12MNew
Patient DetailsNES CSC Download improvementSchemesUpdate
Patient DetailsEnrollments schemes are labelled as Pre-enrollment for infants without a enrollment dateSchemesUpdate
Patient DetailsNES New Enrollment uses processing date and not enrollment date To enable back dated NES enrollments , pre-enrollment to enrollment changes Update
Patient Details Bulk update Practitioner and Facility updates NES Clean Up MenuUpdate
Patient Details Bulk upload of all CPN and Facility Ids to NESDownload Menu New
Patients DetailsPatient Search includes search by any contact details including emailPatient Search Screen . Drop down option – Contact/Phone NumberNew
ReportsEDD Report – new staff filterReport ViewerUpdate
ReportsInvoice by patients CityReport ViewerNew
ReportsImmunisation Report Report ViewerUpdate
ReportsTriage Report Improve pickup when diagnosis is TriageUpdate
Version 19.4
AccountsCapitation Funding Based on E-EnrolmentNew
AccountsFuture schemes display in Gray Update
Patient DetailsChange of practitioner or Facility messaged to NES
Clinical Add Immunisation button to facilitate multiple entrys into immunisation historyMaintains date and immunisation status. New
Clinical Import Lab Results from Medical ObjectsNew
Clinicale-order (electronic lab orders)Forms ListNew
ClinicalHealth – One Shared Care integrationNew
Clinical BP+ integrated USCOM Device Measurements TableNew
ClinicalIMS RemovedUpchange
Clinical Save Graphs as JPegsGraphs screen New
Version 18.11November 2018
AccountsUpdate button for ACC and GMS fees Accounts Set Up , Fees TabNew
Version 19.3March 2019
AccountsSplit Fees button for Capitated Patient Fees with CSC CardsAccounts Set Up , Fees TabNew
Clinical Prompt for each home delivery email Clinical , prescriptionsUpdate
Clinical Plan Tab – for Treatment or Care planning
Includes Patients assigned Tasks
Clinical Notes . New Tab in lower screenNew
ClinicalMRI Specify sitesClinical notes in Radiology TabUpdate
Clinical Document Templates – Save as PDFClinical Notes , Forms , Tab for documents.
Clinical GP2GP – only export relevant measurements to PDFGP2GP Update
Improve import to exclude previously exported notes
Clinical Enigma – Diabetes Onset available in APIAPIFix
Clinical Regional Pathways – can set user defined URLSystem Settings, Webforms sectionNew
Clinical Batch Task Editor supports Patient Tasks For Plan in clinical notes
Preset plans with Patient and practice tasks
Clinical Vaping and e-cigarettes as smoking types and medication choicesSmoking Profile Template
Medication List
Clinical Import notes in to letter by date range Clinical Notes, Letter writter. Click on date iconUpdate
Clinical ERMS referrals – registering bodies APIFix
ClinicalGP2GP – export notes in selected date range GP2GP New
Patient DetailsUpdate Family – display ages . CSC updates as dependants if under 18Patients Details screenUpdate
Patient DetailsUpdate NES with CSC Scheme detailsPatients Details screen New
Patient DetailsUpdate NES with Dependants added to CSC Card Holder Patient Details
Scheme with DEPENDANT in Ref 2
Reports SQL – Load SQL from files Reports menu, SQL Query- Load buttonNew
Version 18.10October 2018
AppointmentsMove appointment with arrival time and noteFix
AppointmentsTransfer Option sets original appointment to Seen rather than left to allow billingAppointment book – Right Click MenuUpdate
ClinicalCVD Calculator using 2018 equation Clinical Notes, Forms, Cardiovascular RiskUpdate
ClinicalRegular Medication Name and ULM Code RemapperClean Up
(ask for assistance from Helpdesk)
Clinical Browser set to Version IE 11Update
Clinical Links for New body Map Clinical Notes, AssistUpdate
Clinical Lab Label to include middle name Update
Clinical CCMS Practice IDUpdate
Document TemplatesFull Task List Tools, Clinical Setup, Document Templates. New Option on Right List New
DatabaseDatabase Cleanup – remove redundant records to reduce database sizeTools Menu, Maintenance , Clean Database . (ask for assistance from Helpdesk)New
Clinical Letter signed by Author rather than Authorising practitionerClinical Notes, LettersFix
MailMedical Objects option to receive lab resultsNew
MailSysmex option to receive lab resultsNew
MessagingReply without deleting Instant MessageIcon on window to reply to message then keep message New
Messaging Forward option for Instant Messages Icon on window to pass message to other staffNew
MessagingNew Short-cut for Panic ButtonCtrl+Alt+PUpdate
PatientNES completion prompts removed unless errorUpdate
PatientData Extraction Opt Off PreferencePatient Details, Notes and Preferences. PHO sectionNew
Patient Patient Search Box- focus on box or list at appropriate timesfix
PatientSingle Label – GP then Ref By printed in label Fix
Patient Gender Diverse FieldPatient Details screen below GenderNew
PatientPlace Of Birth FieldPatient Details Screen New
PatientNew Relationship Type – Care TeamPatients Details Screen. Relationships. New
PortalSearch for Dependents by NHI and Date of Birth as well as name Portal Registration screen Update
Query BuilderNew Criteria to search Place of birthQuery Builder Update
Query BuilderNew Criteria to search Gender DiverseQuery Builder Update
Query BuilderNew Criteria to search Current Problem StatusQuery Builder Update
Query BuilderNew Criteria to search Regular Medication LogQuery Builder Update
Query BuilderNew Criteria to search Current Problem Comments/NotesQuery Builder Update
Query BuilderNew Criteria to search in Immunisation NoteQuery Builder Update
ReportsMaternity Claims reports from 14 weeks instead of 17 weeksUpdate
TasksDelete Tasks of specified Code from Query BuilderSearch for selected Patients in query builder then remove specified tasks from selected patientsNew
TasksNew Batch Task – keep selected Patient Task Manager Fix
Version 18.6June 2018
AccountsIntegrated EFTPOSEliminates need for EFTPOS reconciliation New
AccountsChange PayeeAccounts payment . Right click menuNew
AccountsAbility to Change status of invoice or payment manually For Helpdesk New
AccountsDisplay income generated by each patient Patients account screen New
Accounts Display total invoiced paid by each account holder Accounts Payment screen New
AppointmentsEncounter dates messaged to NES even when NHI compare disabled for staff memberUpdate
AppointmentsDo not include days in age display of appointments Fix
AppointmentsDisplay stats for patients in todays appointment book Waiting room view. No of patients, meetings, wait time and arrival status New
AppointmentsCounts of personal tasks Above Task list in appointment bookNew
Clinical Add Tab now present when editing old notesClinical notes, Edit NoteFix
ClinicalImproved warnings for allergiesAllergy checks extends to all medications with same name in drug groupUpdate
Clinical Make Regular Medication from old notes or history retails date last prescribedFix
ClinicalReplace Drug Name and Code. Fix missing ULM codes Right Click Menu on Regular MedicationNew
Clinical Regular Drugs with Missing ULM CodesBack colour is green in Regular drug listNew
ClinicalSafety In Practice PromptsWhen prescribing NSAIDs – alert if over 65, CKD, PU , HF New
ClinicalPrompt to replace name /code if e-prescibing Regular drugPrescribe drug without code – select Code Name from list New
ClinicalBowel Screening Form to request test kit, update address, remove inappropriate patient Forms – Bowel Screening . Complete and submit directly. Activated in system set upNew
Clinical CVD 2018 . Updated recommendations . (new formula not yet available)Forms , CVD Risk Assessments
Clinical Integration with Pilldrop to enable home delivery of medicationsSystem set up of email address and enrol patients in appropriate scheme to activate New
ClinicalEmail on completion of repeat prescription saved under Task Events Old Notes. Click on Tasks Filter to view sent emails and completed tasksUpdate
ClinicalDisplay count of overdue tasks and suggestionsClinical Notes ScreenNew
MailMatch incoming letters on HPI as well as NZMC numbersDownloading mail from HealthlinkUpdate
MailLarge reminder for patients in waiting roomMail screen Update
Patient DetailsDo Not upload addresses with CBF importWill not replace address with missing apostrophes from MOHUpdate
Patient DetailsDefault country is New Zealand instead of Not StatedAddress with Missing Country from NHI compare (NES)Update
Patient Details Update NES enrolments with encounter date Patient Details screen – actions menu
(used if patients not Arrived/Left in appointment book)
Patient Details Update schemes and survey preferences relabelled with NESPatient Details screen – actions menu.
Confirms with completed.
Patient DetailsImprove dis-enrolment messaging to NESSend dis-enrolment message to NES if previous status was regular
Patient DetailsDis-enrolment option in MenuDis-enrolment action in Patient details screen
Patient DetailsNES Dis-enrolment reasons alligned with Version 1.0 codesetUpdate
Repeat Scripts Display outstanding balance for patientRepeat prescription screenUpdate
TasksRemove unassigned tasks (recalls and screening jobs) for patients changing status from regular to visitorPatient details screen New
TasksCount of outstanding jobs in Task Manager New
TasksOption in Task manager to remove recalls for visitors Right click menuNew
TasksPortal post Task Manager and INR screen action menuNew
TasksList always includes unassigned tasksINR management screen Update
TasksSend txt message / emails directly from task manager Task Manager Screen – action menuNew
Version 18.3March 2018
AccountsEFTPOS Integration. Eliminates need for cashup reconciliation for EFTPOSPlease contact us if interested for detailsNew
Accounts New Layout for account detailsBetter separation of creating invoice and paying bill
More intuitive Left to right flows
Accounts New Layout for Cashup Reports at top of right menuUpdate
AccountsNew Layout for Debtors Screen Reports and actions at top of right menuUpdate
AccountsNew Layout for account schedulesGreen background for electronic items
Actions at top of right menu
AccountsACC claimsACC provider Number when present is used instead of HPI Update
AppointmentsTemplate editor -Row in sessions colours Staff, Appointment TemplatesUpdate
AppointmentsBulk updates for dates. Staff, Appointment Templates. Highlight sessions, click on Dates button. New
Clinical link to order TSH in Maternity FormUpdate
Clinical Instructions for drugs – extended text boxesWhen editing drug instructions , can add more text with returnsUpdate
Email documents with attachments to multiple patients Fix
External API Enhancements / DocumentationNew
Immunisations Zoster Vaccine . New vaccine for NIR/Claims Immunisations – select Zostavax , indication 65YNew
OccupationsPractice Manager addedStaff – Occupation. Can select Practice Manager New
MailNew Layout for Mail ScreenActions and Tasks above Staff ListUpdate
Mail Change font size for results and text documents Buttons on Results Tab
Right Click on Text Reports
MailView mail for any userAssigned To filter now includes all staff (for txt replies) New
MailOption to hide task icons in actions listStaff Settings: User, Mail, Hide Task Icons in actions list.Update
MedinzNew Link on appointment book. Auto register staff. Above New Message Link on Left New
Patient DetailsError on Removing Picture Fix
Patient DetailsCSC/HUC schemes terminated when absent in NESFix
Query Builder Expand SearchAfter searching for patients , enter new criteria and Click Expand . Results for either searches are present . (Equivalent to OR)New
Query Builder Refine Search After searching for patients , enter new criteria and Click Refine. Results for common to both searches are present . (Equivalent to AND)New
Query Builder ExclusionsAfter searching for patients , enter new criteria and Click Exclude. Results include patients in the first search but not in the second Search.(Equivalent to NOT IN)New
Query Builder Load TablesLoads list of patients into the query builder from a CSV file. First column must be the NHI or our own identifier. New
Document TemplatesAdditional Section for TOP related data Document Template Editor . Right Tags Menu. Update
ReportsAppointments A and M Report extended to include UC/PH13 codesUpdate
ReportAppointment by Day – New table for practitionersUpdate
Repeat Script Email sent if task declined Right Click On Task, Select DeclinedUpdate
Repeat prescription screenCreate Task for Prescribed – not saving Fix
Scan Documents New Layout separates source and destination options on taskbar.Update
Task Manager New LayoutActions on top of menuUpdate
Txt MessagingRetrieve on workstation with downloads Workstation Settings , DownloadsNew
Word/ExcelMyPractice Word and Excel. Lite versions without office licence fees. View Menu. MyPractice Word and MyPractice Excel. (Only new file format supported docx, xlsx at present)New
Version 17.11November 2017
Accounts‘Auto Allocate to single invoice’ box can be disabled.
System Settings. Account Section.Update
AppointmentsTriage (Status/location) colours enhancedAppointment bookUpdate
AppointmentsAppointment Transfer. (Copy to another staff for further further care)Click on existing appointment. Right click on second slot, select Transfer.
Marks first as Completed(Left), Enter instructions. Copies appointment to new book and marks as Arrived.
ClinicalNew Lab test ‘Faecal Calprotectin’Clinical Notes, Lab, SearchUpdate
ClinicalPrint details of repeat prescription request. Complete repeat prescription task. Print Button on email screenNew
ClinicalNew Read codes addedFood Allergy, Cows Milk Allergy, Soy, Peanuts, Lactose, Shellfish, Sea Food
Medications Reconciliation
ClinicalCreate regular drug from Old NotesRemoves previous entryFixed
ClinicalTermination of Pregnancy tab Clinical Notes, Maternity FormNew
ClinicalRefiled lab results still appear in Health365Health365 Results Fix
ClinicalPage numbers on scriptsPage number at bottom of printed scriptsNew
ClinicalRemoved Regular Drugs reappearFix
ClinicalGestation and Post Natal dates calculationMaternity Screen and profile New
ClinicalSequence Number limit for Immunisations and administered drugs Raised to 10,000New
ClinicalMeasurements not always saving in table Fix
DownloadsDermEngine integrationTools, Downloads, Extract Patient Details as HL7New
FormsSubmit Hutt Valley e-referral with special character caused errorClinical Notes, FormsFix
Formse-Labs integration with Eclair Clinical Notes, Forms , Webforms, e-LabNew
KioskRefer to reception if outstanding debtSystem Settings – Kiosk . Set value of outstanding debt to stop self check inNew
MailMail annotations for OK, Abnormal and No Action RequiredMailNew
MailDisplay Chart type in Mail screen, Highlight if TransferredNew
MailCreate tasks from Action Menu Make Appointment, Make Urgent Appointment, Scripts, Further Tests and ReferralNew
NESNES Compare after staff changesFix
Patient DetailsReduced freezing during NES synchNo background saving for Patient Details screenUpdate
Patient DetailsDisplay Quintile in Patient detailsNumber after City/Postcode in Patient Details New
ReportsRevenue Summary Report – Include inactive practitionersTools, Reports, Report ViewerUpdate
ReportsAppointments Report – Defaults now is current YearTools, Reports, Report ViewerUppdate
ReportsMedication reconciliation report Now includes more report typesUpdate
ReportsCancellation Reports improved for charging cancellation feeTools,Reports,Report Viewer
Now you can set the max days prior to cancellation and drill down to accounts
SystemOption to set ‘Ineligible’ as New Patient Default System setting, PatientNew
TasksEmail error when completing a repeat prescription task for dependentsFix
TasksError with Tasks recurrence of more than 12 months FixedFix
TasksOverdue ‘No Response’ Tasks to remain visible in task list. Strike -through font . Red if overdue. Fix
Version 17.9September 2017
MailMy Note box in the electronic mail now has “Mark OK and file” optionMail ScreenNew
ClinicalLab indications now fit wide screenClinical,Lab indicationUpdate
ScriptNew Repeat prescription tasks in scriptsScriptNew
LettersChart number not included in headerLettersUpdate
ClinicalSmoking Template now hold from and until datesFix
ClinicalPrescribe all button now update date last prescribedClinical,ScriptFix
ClinicalMeasurement saving in patient clinical notes when peak flow chart openFix
StaffNew staff created save the ‘Enter date’ in the databaseUpdate
NESReduce NES time out to 2 SecFix
ReportsWait Times A and M reportTools,Reports,Report viewerNew
ReportsAppointments A and M ReportTools,Reports,Report viewerNew
ClinicalSet Minimum width of immunisation date in immunisation tabFix
NESNES error report improve message when no connectionUpdate
ClaimACC e-schedule does include claimed_unitsUpdate
TasksPatient name appear in repeat scripts taskFix
AppointmentsSelected practitioner in waiting room remains while switching between multiple appt booksFix
Clinical‘No Response’ task haves strike through it in clinical notesFix
Version 17.6June 2017
AccountsChart Number printed on invoices (if no NHI number)Print InvoiceUpdate
Accounts Claimed Units added to e-schedules ACC Schedules Updated
Appointments Can Copy appointments from Waiting List Click on waiting list appointment then on empty slot, paste New
AppointmentsGestation is recalculated on appointment book when copied/moved Appointment book . If show gestation preference is enabled. Update
ClinicalImmunisation Schedule Updates for July 2017Full details under Tutorials:
Immunisation Update for 2017
ClinicalMark lab results as seen without filing them Viewed Action – toggles Bold display without filing resultsNew
ClinicalSpecial Authority – application details saved in drug log Regular DrugsNew
Clinical CEA lab test added Search to order test Update
Clinical TOP dates displayed on Maternity form Maternity Form New
Clinical Remove Chart Number from letter header Letter Writer Update
Clinical Units / Range automatically added when results entered for Whole Blood Lead and Vit C levels Scan. Enter Results New
Clinical Remove Ethnicity from Letter when not stated Letter Writer Update
Clinical Expand All – no longer expands dispensed medication details Clinical Notes, Old Notes Updated
Clinical Preferred Number printed on Medical Certificates Forms . Off Work Certificate Update
Clinical Scan gestation can be entered to calculate EDDMaternity form Update
Patient DetailsChange in Contacts saved to change logPatient Details Screen New
Patient DetailsWarning if changes to patient details at risk of being over written by another userFollow Prompts New
Patient DetailsPreference can be set for default Gender for new patients System Settings – Patient SectionNew
Patient DetailsPreference can be set for default Practitioner for new patients System Settings – Patient SectionNew
Query Builder Appointment Note added to Query builder Query Builder – Criteria list New
Staff Time to Load Staff editor improved Staff Editor Update
TasksRow Filters can be saved /reloaded in Task Manager Task Manager – Right Sidebar New
Tasks Recall Date updated when txt sent Task Manager Fixed
TasksBatch Tasks can be assigned to specified staff member Task Batch Editor . Open details selection New
Txt Any staff can send Txt message Update
TxtMatching txt messages to sending patients txt Notifier and txt log shows more patient detailsUpdate
Txt Long txt messages supported by sending multiple messages if length exceeds 160 charactersDocument Templates Update
Txt Able to add comment in text message log
Annote action completed New
Version 16.12
AppointmentsChanges reverted Moving from Staff Editor and appointment book fix
AppointmentsAppointments sessions can be ordered by any columnStaff, Appointment Templates. Click on column heading to set orderUpdate
AppointmentsRemoval of multiple template rows inconsistent Staff. Appointment Templatesfix
AccountsAlternative ACC Vendor ID Practice Settings (Over-rides HPI Org IDNew
AccountsCredit All jumps to top of tableAccount Payments screen Fix
AccountsAge balance treatment of credits / not shown without invoice Statements Fix
ClinicalPrint Preferred contact for patients on lab formsLab FormsUpdate
ClinicalCVD form – Indo-asian risk factor refined Forms Update
Clinical Print PDF not always working LettersFix
Clinicale-Labs (Pathlabs)
Added support to alternative dob date format
ClinicalMoving/editing profile items – original not hidden -> duplicates Profilefix
Display New Icons and larger fonts Tool bars and menus Update
Email DocumentEmail document also printed Fix
ImmunisationsHPV9 Vaccines Claimable from Jan 2017New
Lab ResultsUpdated report for Filed Results Not Found. Increased accuracy Tools, Report Viewer , Results Not FoundUpdate
Lab ResultsUnfile Missing ResultsTools, System Set Up, Clean Up, Unfile Missing Results
Use to expose results received but not filed correctly
Lab ResultsAuto-match by name and DOB when NHI not presentUpdate
Letters Outgoing Letters table to include e-referrals and Work Capacity CertOld Notes, side tabUpdate
Patient DetailsBulk update Preferred Facility System MenuNew
Patient DetailsSet default Preferred Practitioner for new patients SettingsNew
Patient DetailsPortal patients shown in italics as well as green Clinical, Mail and Patient Screen Update
Patient Details National Enrolment ServiceUpdates
Patient Search Includes middle name field in search Update
Patient DetailsNew Titles – Sister, Brother , Father Patient Details Screen Update
Version 16.9 September 2016
AppointmentsIcon displayed for appointments made with health365Green arrow visible on appointment bookNew
ReportsCurrent Chart Status displayed in patient list in IPIF reportsTools,Reports,Report viewer,IPIF indicatorsNew
Patient Details Ability to view enrolments from other practicesNew
ReportsPreferred practitioner displayed in patient list in IPIF reportsTools,Reports,Report viewer,IPIF indicatorsNew
ReportsDuplicate patients report excludes inactive patientsTools,Reports,Report viewer,Duplicate PatientNew
GP2GPFiles over 20MB can be sent via GP2GPFiles are split into 20MB segmentsNew
AppointmentsWaiting room filter to exclude meetingsAccess from waiting room’Pt not left’New
Patient Details Bulk updates of Preferred Facility for patientsTools,System setup,Clean up,Change Preferred FacilityNew
Query builderQuery builder includes option to search on Scheme Reference field Tools,Reports,Query BuilderNew
NotesInclude e-referrals in outgoing letters list.Old notes , click on Letters side tabNew
ClinicalPatient matching of incoming Lab results includes name and dob when NHI absentMail screenNew
ClinicalDetermine order of items in the patient profile (problem list)Right click on item, select Promote or DemoteNew
NotesMultiple documents can be joined together to create customised handouts Create document templates for each component. Clinical notes, Forms tab, select a document. [Append] further documents. New
ClinicalPrescription page number displayed in regular drug tableClinical notes, script tab. New
ClinicalLists and tables colour updated to improve visibility of items in rows New
ReportsLab results report view improvedMail and results screen. Also applies to printed reportsNew
ClinicalView previously submitted Hutt valley e-referral formsClinical notes,form,Hutt Valley E-referralFix
NotesImproved detection of different file types e.g mislabelled TIFF filesClinical notes,Attachment tab,preview TIFF fileFix
ReportsIPIF Report includes additional cervical smear result typesTools,Reports,Report viewer,IPIF indicatorsFix
AppointmentsImproved format for Printing Appointment Day viewRight Click appointment book,click print,push day viewFix
Patient Details Ability to search chart number with prefixesSearch option for charty type in ASR supports prefixesFix
EmailImporvement in reassigning mail to other staffMailscreen,Reassign to staffFix
Document TemplatePrompt to select number of copies to print / printer for labels Fix
ClinicalPreferred phone number printed on lab formsClinical notes,lab tab,preview lab resultsFix
Document TemplateMiddile name added to full name tags in document templatesBook an appointment ,Right click on the appointment and select print document Fix
Version 16.2
AccountsCorrections shown in Cash up reportsCash up ReportNew
AccountUnallocated payments for organisations caused error in Cash up reportCash up ReportFix
AccountsSend txt / email to multiple recipients Debtors Report Update
AccountsPost natal claims use date of delivery for EDDMaternity ClaimUpdate
AccountsNo Statement Fee patient setting for statementsDebtors Screen, Print StatementsFix
AccountsFacility filter on cash-up and debtors screensRight Panel selection listNew
AppointmentsEdit Appointment Note from Appointment History Screen Edit Note Button New
Appointments Roster View corrected to include end date on recurring sessionsTools, Staff, RostersFix
AppointmentsNext Free Appointments. Problems with long meetings Appointment Book. Right Click Menu Fix
Clinical Notes BPAC option added to assist Click on assist link next to diagnosisNew
Clinical NotesNew official vaccines name Tdap (replaces dTap)Update
Clinical Notes Unable to disable Spell Checker Staff User SettingsFix
Clinical NotesTdap vaccination events for pregnant womenImmunisations Tab
Select Tdap Vaccine
Select Pregnant Indication
Clinical Notes9mth HepB Serology New Vaccine Give choicesNew
Clinical NotesAdd selected measurement tables to letter. Tabular layoutLetter writer. Measurements linkNew
Clinical NotesSend 45Y and 65Y ADT vaccine information to NIRImmunisations Tab
ADT with 45Y or 65Y indications
Clinical NotesNew alternative vaccines AG-DTaP-IPV-HepB-Hib-4Y
Clinical NotesHPI added to Lab Forms , Radiology Forms Print Forms Update
Clinical NotesView Changes maintains position in notes Old Notes tab in clinical notesFix
Clinical Notese-prescription bar code unchanged after reprintUpdate
Clinical NotesAdvise given about alcohol recordeded in actionsAlcohol Profile Screen Fix
Clinical NotesUnable to completely remove History on Edit notesFix
Clinical NotesUser Defined Page Headings for Each Page typeSystem SettingsNew
Clinical NotesProblem getting most recent lab results for forms e.g. Diabetes FormFix
Form DesignerRestore saved forms inconsistent with radio buttons, check boxFix
INR FormINR Management – INR form disappears when patient details/notes/accounts screen is openedFix
Patient Details Address changes added to change logChange Log from actions list in patient details screen New
Patient Details Schemes changes added to change logChange Log from actions list in patient details screen New
Patient DetailsSeparate Middle Name box to match with NHI system Patient Details screen New
Patient DetailsNHI Look upOn Arrival / Leave
Links on appointment book and Patient Details Screen
Patient Detailse-EnrolmentOn Leave
Links on appointment book and Patient Details Screen
Query BuilderNew criteria – Appointment Status Tools, Report, Query Builder. New
ReportsIPIF Indicators with drill down Tools, Reports, Report viewer, IPIF New
ReportsAppointments without invoices, drill down to patient accountsTools, Reports, Report viewer, Appointments without invoicesUpdate
ReportsAppointments without notes, drill down to clinical notesTools, Reports, Report viewer, Appointments without NotesUpdate
ReportsAppointment by Type by month Tools, Reports, Report viewer, Appointment by Type by month New
ReportsDuplicate NHI and Duplicate Patients Tools, Reports, ReportviewerNew
ReportsConsultation Rates New
Tasks Practice settings override patient preferences Task Manager . Process . Fix
TasksTask Batch includes Ask OptionTools , Clinical Setup, Task Batches. Ask in frequency drop downUpdate
TasksPreview document if single task processedTask managerFix
Version 15.11
AppointmentsNew All Day Event Right click in the appointment book, Click on “New All-day Event”. Enter text to display at top of day. New
AppointmentFind Next Available appointment Right click on a patient in the appointment book, scroll down to Next free appointment, system will then display a pop up advising of when the appointment is and with who. Fix
AppointmentCreated by / date time stampRight click on appointment or meeting. Bottom item in menu displays audit informationNew
AccountsAudit trail for correctionsRight click menu in Accounts payments screenNew
AccountsCredits/Corrections/Bad debts shown in Patient’s Account HistoryGrey coloured lines in Accounts New
AccountsMove item to own invoiceThis allows users to move items on an Invoice to their own invoice.
Accounts Payment Tab. Click on the Invoice then the [+] to expand the invoice, then right click and choose move to own invoice.
AccountsPrinting/sending of Statements recorded Date and time stamp is now recorded on the Notes and Preferences Tab on the Patient details screen New
AccountsStatements include chart number Chart number showing on printed and emailed statementsNew
AccountsAbility to set different fees based on branch/businessAccounts, Accounts Set up, Fee Rule for Facility (Business) available when creating service feeNew
AccountsRule for Recently enrolled Extended to 4.5 months Update
AccountsOption to replace “Please Pay by 7 days” with practice specific message Tools, Contacts, Our Practice. Go to Accounts under settings and change the message next to the statements please pay line.New
ClinicalNeed to delete each careplan item individuallyPatient Profile/Problem, deleting a Careplan now deletes all items belonging to that planFix
ClinicalDelete multiple items from patient profile Highlight multiple items by holding down the Ctrl key and clicking on them one by one then press the Delete button.New
ClinicalImproved display of mail Improvement in format for certain unreadable RSD mail Fix
ClinicalPrint up to 3 ethnicities on Lab Forms Update
ClinicalMSD Work Capacity form enhancements Under Clinical notes, Forms Tab, Work Capacity (SB) updated. However preference is for users to use the on-line web form were Healthlink is installedUpdate
ClinicalSuremed Insurance extracts excludes notes with authors with psychiatrist or psychologist occupationsSuremed forms – progress notes exclude certain notesUpdate
ClinicalWhen first prescribing from medication sidebar , unit defaults to tabletPrescribing Regular Medications from the Medication Side bar, no longer changes the unit to tablet, keeps the original prescription details.Fix
CBF downloadsPatients rejected for capitation – record reason Patients rejected for capitation, the reason for rejection is now recorded on the Notes and Preferences Tab on the Patients detail screen.New
GP2GPInvalid Characters /Errors stops creation of export file Improved detection and elimination of invalid charactersFix
GP2GPRepeated actions on importFix
GP2GPAccident Dates not correct on importAccident dates correct on import.Fix
GP2GPSpecial Authority details importedFix
Letter WriterRelationship Note displayed in addressee popup Click on To: popup. Includes relationships . Update
Letter WriterE-referrals – pre-populate lab results improved mappingFix
MessagesInstant Messages missed if logged on to multiple workstationsNew messages will show on multiple workstations until processedUpdate
MessagesCopy to Clipboard button on message displayClick on button. Click on destination area and paste message (Ctl+V)New
MessagesOption to select screen location for message notifierSystem setting, Display, Upper Left or right corners, lower left or right corner, Practice specific, cannot be set for individual users.New
Patient DetailsDHB displayed on address details screen Calculated from Meshblock when geocodedNew
Patient Details DHB available for rule checks Suggestion builder, forms New
Patient DetailsWife , Husband, Spouse, In case of emergency – can select existing patient Patient details screen, RelationshipsFix
Patient DetailsCreation date of record auditPatient details screen, Change LogNew
Patient DetailsAudit trail for changes and or deletions made to Schemes.Patient details screen, Change LogNew
Patient DetailsAudit trail for changes and or deletions to the address and contact numbers of the patientPatient details screen, Change LogNew
Patient DetailsAudit trail for changes and or deletions to the account holder fieldPatient details screen, Change LogUpdate
Patient DetailsClean up deprecated ethnicity codesBritish -> British NECUpdate
Patient DetailsNew Family members no longer start with existing family members ethnicityUpdate
ReportsEncounter report by date rangeReport ViewerNew
Reports Under 13y utilisation reportReport ViewerNew
ReportsEthnicity report includes % as well as numbersReport ViewerUpdate
SecurityInactive users cannot log inFix
OtherHealth365 Patient Portal Enhancements
OtherKiosk Enhancements
Other CCMS/ARI updates
Version 15.6
AccountsOrganisations can now be sent statements via emailSend from the Accounts Screen, but ensure the Organisation has an email address enteredNew Feature
AccountsDebtors Report now has the option to print statements for Patients in credit.Can be found under the Accounts Tab, then DebtorsNew Feature
AuditUsers can now check who created a patient fileUnder Audit LogNew Feature
ClinicalUsers are now able to delete Immunisations from Immunisation ScreenNew Feature
ClinicalUsers are able to order repeat medications from the regular medications screenTick the regular medications the Patient requires then click the Req button just above, this will populate the right hand side, or alternativley click the repeat all buttonNew Feature
Clinical NotesScroll bar on profiles is workingAble to scroll up and down with out using arrowsFix
Document Template Opening Line for letters option can be set in staff details now worksCan set the default opening line as a preferenceFix
Document TemplateAddress quintile added to the list of fields that can be inserted into a documentClinical Set up, Document Template, New, Patient Details, Default Address quintileNew Feature
FormsAccident list on the portal now excludes inactive accidentsNew Feature
GP2GPImproved importing of patients results that come through GP2GPFix
MailUsers can Delete Mail Items In Mail screen via the Actions listFix
NotesUsers can now reprint Lab Labels from NotesNew Feature
PatientsWife (and husband) marked as NOK can be accessed through in the NOK conceptNew Feature
ReportsAppointments without Invoices Report for a specified date rangeReport, Report Viewer, Income, No InvoicesNew Feature
ReportsDebtors Report for Organisations, statement prints only when the contact details has address ticked to send statementsFix
ReportsAppointmentCountByDay Report amended so that providers can be selected or excludedReports, Report Viewer, General Click on AppCountByDay Week and Time reportNew
ReportsPrinting monthly staff roster now includes all detailsFix
ReportsQuery for ‘alert note’ only obtains patients who have an alert noteFix
Txt MessageEZYTXT stop confirmation message showing up after every patient when sending txt messagesFix
Txt MessageTest message sent from Task Manager for more than one patient at the same time, prints the document, even when print is set to not print, txt is not sent.Fix
Version 15.5
AccountsGMS Claims Error FixedFix
AccountsDate Last Seen not always updated if Age-sex screen opened at same timePatient account screen . Finish after creating invoiceFix
AppointmentsFind Next Free AppointmentRight click on existing appointment in book of desired practitioner. New
ClinicalSaving background message removed as sometimes not clearedClinical Notes. FinishFix
ReportsAppointments. Information on VisitorsReport viewer. Appointments. Update
ClinicalPrescription. System removes ULM code if drug name manually changed Prevents chemist from dispensing wrong dose based on code received via e-prescriptionNew Feature
ClinicalUsers can now add comments to individual lab results Mail screen. Open table view and write into My Note Column. New Feature
ClinicalPlot growth on CDC Percentile charts for Height, Weight, Head Circumference Right click on measurements table. Plot on Growth Chart. New Feature
ReportsFiled Results now includes letters / correspondenceReport viewer. System Folder. Filed ResultsUpdate
ReportsUpper age limit to eligible added to CVD ReportsReport viewer. Clinical Folder. CVD ScreeningUpdate
ReportsDiabetes Annual Review Report now finds eligible patients without claim or not done Report Viewer. New Feature
ReportsUsers can now print a Case Workload reportReport ViewerNew Feature
ReportsGMS Report updated with new age bands including under 13yReport viewer. New Feature
AppointmentsGOTO option from appointment history moves to date and changes staff memberAccess from appointment book / waiting room Update
AppointmentsAuto-refresh can be set to include changes to Staff RostersSystem Settings include settings for refreshing appointment templatesNew
Appointments Staff selection of days and other settings overwritten when multiple staff access staff screen Latest data always reloaded before staff screen loadedFixed
AppointmentsImproved refreshing for staff without appointment books No refresh if no days selected Fixed
AccountsNew Screen for entering Credits, Reversals, Refunds, Bad Debts and CorrectionsUser can enter either new amount or differenceNew
AccountsAccount Payments and invoices now in date descending orderAccount Payment Tab Update
AccountsOption to hide inactive practitioners from filter list in Cash Up screenTick / Untick Inactive Providers at the top of the provider list New
AccountsSchedules are in descending date orderAccount Schedules screenNew
AccountsFilter to include/exclude Credits fixedCredit Button in statements View tab Fix
AccountsGMS Claim includes Time of consultBased on appointment Date and time. If unavailable uses invoice date and timeNew
AccountsGMS Claim includes Place of consultEncounter Types need to be set correctly for appointments esp if consultation is a home visit New
Arrival Kiosk Keyboard colours changedImproved visibility with Dark characters and light backgroundUpdate
Arrival Kiosk Arrive using patient IDSelf check in screen includes option for IDNew
Arrival KioskWelcome Screen User defined welcome screen can be set up New
ClinicalExpand parts of old notes in Preview Screen to view large notes Right click on History and exam item in old notes and select “View”New
Clinical Assist List Refreshed and now in alphabetical orderNICE added, CKS removed as not available outside Britain
FP notebook – New link
ClinicalSelect Multiple attachments to import togetherClick on attachments link in clinical notes. Hold CTL Key and click on one or many files in dialog , press OKUpdate
ClinicalAdditional Columns for Near Visual Acuity and correction typeMeasurements TableNew
ClinicalOximetry label changed from O2 to SpO2Measurements TableUpdate
Clinical On line Quit Line Referrals availableAvailable through Web forms List . New
Clinical New ‘Pregnant’ Indication for vaccinesSelect Pregnant as the Indication for Flu Vaccine for Pregnant patients in order to make a claim. New
Clinical‘NPRS’ measurement column renamed to ‘NPRS Current’.Measurements TableUpdate
Clinical Extra Columns for FSPS Pain and functional scores for PhysiotherapistMeasurements Table – Selection includes extra options PSFS1, PSFS2, PSFS3Update
Clinical Faster loading for notes when multiple family members presentFamily members capitation information only loads if system setting chosen New
ClinicalLab Results over written when clinical notes closed before completing LoadReport to find such records . Contact Help desk to RecoverFix
ContactsView all entriesClick on Contacts. Enter ‘*’ in the search box and press enterNew
GP2GPInvalid Characters in outgoing message removed Records with invalid data is handled betterFix
PortalForms for staff and Patients to completeCustom forms can be added for practices . Completed forms will be saved in the patients records New
ReportsAppointment CancellationsReport ViewerNew
ReportsMissing Diabetes Annual ReviewsReport ViewerNew
ReportsAppointments by Age/sex (Previously consultation Volume)Report ViewerUpdate
ReportsPortal Statistics for Registered patientsReport Viewer New
ReportsReport for private Hospitals and Birthing UnitsMOH: National Minimum Dataset and BOPDHB Invoice reportsNew
StaffView / Edit Roles from Staff Editor Screen Need to have System Admin permissions to change rolesNew
Txt MessageText Message Log includes Name and Chart number as well as mobile numberText Message Log Update
Txt MessageTxt Message Log includes source of message Whether initiated by scheduler or manuallyNew
Txt MessageText Message Log Moved to Tools menu for General AccessTools Menu, for access to all staffUpdate
Version 14.12
EmailUser defined Port and SSL support for Xtra Email accountsAdd user name/password to send email via xtra New
Form DesignerMove /resize controls using arrow keysClick on Control
Move with Left/Right/Up/Down arrows
Alt + Arrow for fine movements
Ctl + Arrows to resize
Midwife ReviewList of women Includes date of discharge and Chart NoDownloads > Midwife ReviewUpdate
NotesOpen profile and old notes quickly to allow fast access to notesResults continue to load later in the backgroundNew
NotesList all outgoing letters and documents Right Tab on old notes screen New
NotesExpand All Option on opening notes Fixed
NotesSplit action into Completed Action and PlanRadio button in action area . Plab appears with green backgroundNew
NotesConvert Action into Plan
Convert Plan into Action
Right Click Menu in action list and Old NotesNew
NotesExtended Diagnosis text and supplementary comment Shift F5 expands text area for diagnosis . New
NotesGlascow Coma Scale added to Measurement table New Measurement columns available in table editorNew
NotesMeasurement Types for Near Vision, New Measurement columns available in table editorNew
NotesAudiogram measurements and L and R ears New Measurement columns available in table editorNew
NotesMeasurements for multiple Pain, functional and other scores New Measurement columns available in table editorNew
Portal View , Print and attach on line forms in clinical notesIn Print Attachments list New
ReportsQuery Builder includes Privacy Flags (+ To Sign)New criteria in query builderNew
ScriptsFunding information for Generic DrugsGets funding info from Funded Brand if presentNew
ScriptsFaster Search and Ordering Prescription WriterUpdate
Script Special Authority forms for generic drugs Gets Special Authority info from Brand equivalent if presentNew
Version 14.10
ACCTreatment number remaining alerts for accidents As accidents are entered and coded , default max treatment allowed is entered in table . Manual changes can be made and further ACC 32 updates added. Remaining treatments are displayed alongside the accident. The accident is red when remaining treatments are less than the alert level setNew
AccountsCashup report print as A4 error fixedPage size /printer dialog is displayed Fix
AccountsSave row filters on Cashup ScreenSet filters on each column as required. Press Save under Row filters on action bar. Give selection a name on saving. New
AdminInclude Country of Birth in CSV ImportNew
AppointmentsAppointment Refresh improvedFix
AppointmentsAccess to Appointment History from waiting roomClick on Appointment History in Waiting room tab to show history. Use GOTO button or double click on appointment to switch calender to that dateNew
AppointmentsPrint appointment slip and show alerts when patients arrived in waiting roomFix
Best PracticeBest Practice e-referralsEnhancements and fixesUpdate
ContactsOrganisation Clean-upView all Organisations by entering * as search criteria.
Multi-select /Delete Organisations
DownloadsCPI extract includes patients without date last seen Run download as per usualUpdate
DiabetesScheduled downloads for Procare Diabetes ExtractProcare facilitators will set up automated downloadsNew
Document TemplatesPractitioner Qualifications added as tag for document templatesSelect Qualifications from list of tagsNew
GP2GPGP2GP file size limit defaults to 20MBDefaults to Min 20MBUpdate
GP2GPImported SCZ file format converter (From GP2GP)Enhancements allow SCZ file format to be converted to standard TIF/JPEG format Update
GP2GPGP2GP creation of PDF Fix
Notes, AccountsNew Colour scheme supports focus on current activityNew
NotesEdit notes maintains privacy flagFix
NotesNotes can be marked for sign off processStaff can set preference to requiring note sign off by authorising practitionerNew
Notes View profile content without editing itemRight click menu option New
NotesUpdated CVD risk – action guidelinesCVD FormUpdate
NotesWork capacity (Sickness benefit) certificate updatedFormsUpdate
NotesDisplay note with relationship in letter writer ‘To’ droplistLetter Writer (TO: dropdown)Update
NotesRefiled old notes viewable with show changesFix
NotesAttachments shown as thumbnails to allow better overview of available itemsNotes side tab – AttachmentsUpdate
NotesOutgoing Letter/Forms ViewSide Tab on old notesNew
NotesSecurity enhancements to restrict database updatesNew
ReportsQuery Builder includes Data Entered by criteriaSelect Data Entered by as Criteria
In Value – select practitioner
ReportsReport to support Fees ReviewReport Viewer
(General – Consultation Volume)
ReportsCreate task from query buider Fix
ReportsReport to display appointment book occupancy rate Report viewer
(General – Appointment Utilisation)
Shared CareShared Care (HSA Global) integration with Proextra for ARIHSA Management Programs are created via use of Enigma ARI formsNew
SupportTeamviewer access via menu bar New Menu bar option under help menu New
Version 14.7
AcccountsCash up includes inactive practitionersInactive providers included in list. All selected by default Fix
AcccountsGMS SubsidyEnabled for multiple additional occupations NewsNew
AccountsSearch displays inactive account holders in grey.
Search displays chart number, NHI and date of birth
Account holder search New
AccountsBulk Compass Invoice TypeContact help desk if neededNew
AccountsDocuments printed from Debtors screen use statement preferencesHighlight debtors , click on documents, select document. They will either be emailed or printed dependent of preference settings. Change
AppointmentsFaster RefreshChange
AppointmentsSingle click to make appointment is disabled by default to facilitate copy/pasteUser settings to turn this on againChange
Best PracticeLink to BPI (Best Practice Intelligence)Tools, Report MenuNew
Document TemplateTag for Country of BirthNew
General Increased stability against unexpected freezing Protected against Interference from background printing , browsersFix
GP2GPFile size can be increased to 20MBCheck with Healthlink before increasing limit.
GP2GPAccept scanned documents from MedTech if correct filetype receivedAccepts scanned documents from Medtech version 20.9 or later Update
GP2GPExports ignores BP with invalid data (e.g. contains , or / )For invalid imported valuesChange
Health 365 Patients receive Email notifications on responding to on line consultationMail screen , reply entered for On line consultsNew
Immunisations Immunisation Update for 2014New Vaccine Batches, new vaccines . Messaging to NIR
Rember to enter the batch and method on first use
INR ManagementINR Management Form

Access from View menu
INR form
Logging InLogging out hides all open appointment booksFix
MessagesSend message to groupAccess from Menu on side of message button.
Select occupation of staff members
MessagesOption to set refresh intervalsUser settingsNew
MailAttachment viewer copes with invalid file names , less memory usage. Change
MailCut / Copy / Paste on menuRight Click menu Update
MailAuto Assignment of mail order change, Assigned to label corrected. Matches on NZMC, LabId then usual practitioner then previous match historyChange
NotesAutosaveDefault is on and frequency set to every 3 minutes. (System settings)New
NotesSave NowShort Cut is [Ctl]+[S] while n clinical notesNew
PrintOption to specify printer for A5 documentsWorkstation SettingNew
ReportsHealth Quality and Safety Commission QueriesSynchronise with central queries (Query Builder, Refresh )New
ReportsRename, Move, Archive or delete Reports in Report ViewerRight click on report in report viewer (Tools, Reports, Report Viewer)New
ReportsNew built in reports include Appointment utilisation, Discounted fees, Missing ACC claims, Chart status Changes, Measles OutbreakTools, Reports, Report viewer. New
ReportsChart status change Report ViewerNew
ReportsMeasles Outbreak Report ViewerNew
ReportsDiscount Report ViewerNew
ReportsNo Invoice for appointmentsReport ViewerUpdate
ReportsNo notes for appointmentsReport ViewerUpdate
Staff RostersTime line viewoption in Staff Rosters screen (Tools>Staff>Rosters) New
Staff Editor changes to enable pop up lists in Windows 8Staff EditorFix
ScriptsFull Interaction Checks based on NZF/Stockleys databaseDisplay detailed information about potential drug-drug interactions when entering a new prescription Prescribing drugsNew
ScriptsSet Level for Interaction alerts by Severity, action required and evidenceMinimum impact levels are set in each staff members practitioner settings (Prescriptions section. )New
ScriptsNZF Link takes you directly to the selected drug’s informationSelect drug from script tab then click on NZF linkNew
ScriptsPharmac Link takes you directly to the selected drug’s informationSelect drug from script tab then click on Pharmac linkNew
ScriptsSpecial Authority – copes with additional form types
Subsidy table updates
ScriptsFind other equivalent Brands Searching for drugsHighlight medicine in drug search list. Click on Brand button or select ‘Equivalent generic/brands’ from right click menu. New
ScriptsDrug Search List OrderDisplayed with priority given to Full Subsidy and medications with instructions. Fix
ScriptsChange name of regular medication to equivalent generic name Highlight medicine in regular drug list. Select ‘Change to generic Name’ from right click menu. New
ScriptsEnforces mandatory quantity to dispense when prescribingPrescribe / regular button disabled until amount enteredNew
TasksGroup by Recalls, To-do and delegated jobsTask Manager . Filter popup list on tool bar. New
TasksImproved reliability in saving new / changed tasks Removed interference from automated task refreshesFix
Version 14.3
AccountsAccounts check and correction toolsChecks for invalid allocations or imbalanced credits and balancesNew
AccountsChange Payment Method for old paymentsFrom account payments screenNew
ClinicalBreak-glass for secured clinical notes Right click menu , need to state reason . Access is logged New
Clinical NZF indications and sig instructions displayed when selecting drugs Appears with green background colour. Some common items completed in this releaseNew
Clinical Immunisation 2014 updatesFlu Vaccines and Boostrix sent to NIRUpdate
Clinical 3D Body map Select from Assist Menu (Next to diagnosis) New
Clinical WebformsHandle multiple open forms for different patientsFix
ClinicalCareplans with multiple problems/goals Old careplan items relabelled as Simple Goals in ProfileNew
GP2GPRestriction of exported notes by Author, Occupation or company of authorSelect Tree to select/deselect options Update
MaternityMidwife Review
Text labels correction: Multip, Home visit,
New options referral and labour options
MaternityCope with grand multip > gravida 9 Add new pregnancyFix
ReferralsERMS and Best Practice e-referralsWebforms will need activation in your forms listNew
MaternityGrow Charts (Predict baby weight)Extra Tab on maternity screenNew
Query BuilderOutput table includes Script Date Select from results table listNew
Query BuilderOutput tables – replaces group code with text description for scripts, regular medications and allergiesSelect from results table listUpdate
Query Builder Date Data Entered field for selection criteria Use with date parameters after clinical field criteria New
Special AuthorityError submitting form for selected drugsCorrected numbering when form has sub questions with and/or nestingFix
Special AuthorityMissing forms for a few medicationsAddedFix
Task ManagerUse patient preference to determine if document is printed, sent by email or a txt message is sent The preference for each patient is recorded alongside the contact details in the patient details screen New