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I want to receive Lab Results


Mike Harvey

Client Manager
GPs, Specialists, Pharmacists and Community Care

T: 0800 288 887  Option 5


  1. You will need to open an account with Healthlink
  2. Once you have been issued an EDI account and password, enter these into MyPractice in the system settings


Healthlink also delivers correspondence from other healthlink users , specialists and hospitals.

Healthlink provides access to e-referrals, sick benefit forms  and other services.  

Sysmex New Zealand Limited

Street Address: Level 3/103 Carlton Gore Road, Newmarket Auckland 1023, New Zealand
Postal Address: PO Box 26085, Epsom Auckland 1344, New Zealand
Tel: (+64) 9 630 3554

  1. Obtain and Install their software
  2. Create a directory for downloads
  3. Enter the directory in the System Settings in MyPractice

Medical-Objects Pty Ltd

  1. Obtain and Install their software
  2. Create a directory for downloads
  3. Enter the directory in the System Settings in MyPractice

I want to receive hospital clinic letters and discharges

Healthlink – see details above

I want to refer patients to the public hospital

Healthlink – see details above

For Auckland and Northland e-referrals

Best Practice 

Ph 0800 633 236

Hawks Bay, BOP, Taranaki


Provided by Pegasus

When you visit, you can register for an account by selecting Register Now.

For South Island, Whanganui 

  1. Register with Pegasus 
  2. The Helpdesk will help set up access to their web form 
  3. Access from Clinical notes, forms, webforms list

I want to claim GMS, SMS, Immunisation or Maternity subsidies

Health Benefits Ltd  (HBL)

Ph 0800 505 125

  1. You will need a contract with your local PHO . They will provide your practice an organisation Id and Facility Ids (HPI numbers)
  2. Agreement numbers will be provided for GMS/IMM and Maternity
  3. Contact HBL for your Payee Number 
  4. Enter the agreement numbers and Payee Numbers in the Staff Settings in MyPractice

I want to claim for ACC related services

Obtain from ACC 

  1. Provider ID for each staff member 
  2. HPI Facility ID
  3. Vendor ID
  4. M45 numbers to assign to new accidents 

Enter into MyPractice in staff settings

I want to register accidents with ACC
I want to download accident details from ACC
I want to reconcile payments from ACC


Digital Certificates on Each Workstation

I want to obtain / update NHI numbers

NHI lookup

MOH Identity Team

0800 505 125

Application with  MOH Identity team


I want to look up and geocode addresses


MOH Identity team

0800 505 125

  1. Obtain e-samm User name and Password 
  2. Enter in System Settings

I want to register patients for capitation (e-enrolment)

National Enrolment Service (NES)

PHO contract (Agreement numbers)

HPI organisation and Facility IDs


I want to apply for Special Authorities

Register and obtain Practice Id 

Enter in Practice settings

I want to e-prescribe


Register with eps (Whanua Tahi / MOH)

Enter details in MyPractice to Activate 

I want to sent scripts directly to pharmacies (signature exempt)



I want to order lab tests electronically (e-order/e-lab)



  1. Register with lab
  2. Webform URL added by MyPractice Helpdesk
  3. Access from Clinical notes, Forms, Weborms list 

I want to complete insurance forms electronically



Ph 0800 566 632

Register with Suremed

Forms sent by Healthlink, task created 

Complete task in clinical notes

I want to send and download immunisations from the NIR

National Immunisation Register

09 822 8018

Register with NIR

Enter credentials in MyPractice


I want to view discharge letters and lab results ordered by other providers


Health One

Ph 03 543 7803


South Island

Shared Care 


I want to access web forms for decision support and claims

BPAC decision support tool

Ph 0800 633 236

Best Practice


Ph 09 912 9100

e.g Predict