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Practice staff decides how much to share for each patient and dependant

  • Extend or remove access as appropriate
  • Auto timeout
Clinical Data is not copied and stored in another location
  • Less security risk
  • Less internet traffic at practice


appointment book
  • Reduce phone calls to reception
  • More choice and convenience to patients
  • Control which patients can access your appointment book
  • Email notification of appointment with outlook/Google Calender  links
  • List of appointments for patient

Repeat Prescriptions

  • Each drug linked to Medsafe Consumer Guides
  • Reduced phone calls
  • Reduce workload and double handling by staff
  • Easier for patients to select from displayed list
  • Nominate Pick up or Fax with Chemist
  • Communicate via email  when script ready or need to attend

On-line Consultations

  •  Answer brief queries from patients
  • Integrated workflow
  • New revenue stream
  • Questions and responses saved in clinical record
  • Initiate conversation with patient

Clinical Summary

  • Links to reliable information on each condition

Full Patient Notes

  • Share all notes or restrict from set date
  • Filter view to find specific issues

Lab Results

  • Reduced phone calls
  • Free nurse time
  • Filtered tabulated view to monitor trends


  • Lists vaccines administered
  • Reduced queries for school, travel


  • Lists allergies and alerts
  • Reduced queries
  • Increased safety when seeking after-hours or other healthcare


  • Track changes
  • Compare your measurements with self monitoring


  • Recalls and screening tasks
  • Highlight overdue items


Practice Customisation

Your logo and messages

Page Descriptions

Control access

Practice settings

 Registration and Utilisation reports