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Direct (electronic) delivery of scripts to Chemist

  • Email or Healthlink scripts directly to any Pharmacy

  • For Pick up at chemist or Home Delivery (no script to collect at surgery)

  • No Signatures (signature exempt)

  • No Faxes, no printed scripts (except controlled drugs)

  • Finally true electronic prescribing.

Getting started 

Your practice must be enabled for e-prescriptions

 Add chemists to your contacts list

  • The Chemist Name is entered under Organisation

  • Enter a work address

  • Enter the Healthlink EDI or Email address in contacts

    • e-mails for most pharmacies are available on  HealthPoint

Specify the patient’s preferred chemist 

  • Use the Direct Delivery link on the scriptwriter 
  • Alternatively, create a new Relationship for type Chemist  in the Patients Details screen
The Chemist you select from your Contacts list should have a HealthLink EDI  or an email address, otherwise, you can add this when prompted. 

Create Prescriptions

Create a prescription with the scriptwriter or from the Regular Medications list

When “printing” your scripts

Select the items to sent electronically then select the items to print.

  • When Controlled Drugs are sent, they must also be printed and mailed to the pharmacy. 
  • If patients need paper script (back pocket script or no preferred chemist)  – Print those items and hand the script to the patient


  • A dialog box will confirm the creation of Healthlink messages
  • The Action list will contain an entry if emailed  
  • You can track the delivery and acknowledgement of the Healthlink message in your message log
  • Emails can be checked in the sent folder of your email client (e.g. Gmail or outlook)

Further Info:

MOH Site on signature exempt prescribing


Unsigned Prescriptions (NZePS only) The Director General of Health has approved a waiver under Regulation 43 of the Medicines Regulations 1984 for unsigned prescriptions to be recognised as legal prescriptions. This can only apply when strict criteria are met. The prescription must have a unique barcode and be both: (a) electronically generated by a prescriber from an approved electronic system integrated with the NZePS; and (b) dispensed via a pharmacy dispensing system that electronically matches the barcode stored in the NZePS broker. Note: this doesn’t apply to controlled drugs which are governed by different legislation. The use of the waiver requires approval by the Ministry before implementation, to ensure that any processes fully comply with the legislation and maintain patient safety and confidentiality