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Uscom (BP+)  integrated Blood Pressure recording

Set up BP+

  • Connect the BP+ device to your workstation (desktop) via a USB port
  • Turn on the “BP+” functionality for each workstation where this device is connected

Open Workstation settings from the Tools menu, System Setup

In the Measurement section 

  1. Set Uscom BP+ to True
  2. Configure the “Serial Flow Control Type” to match the setting on the Uscom BP+ device.

Refer to the Uscom BP+ device User Guide to determine the device setting. Typically “None” for normal usage, and “RTS/CTS” when MyPractice is hosted in a cloud server.

Recording Blood Pressure with BP+

  • Ensure the BP+ device is connected to your workstation and turned on
  • Place the cuff on your patient’s arm
  • Open the clinical notes and go to the Measurements Tab
  • Click on the BP+ button above the BP Column (Alt +F7)

MyPractice will attempt to connect with the BP+ device and initiate the blood pressure measurement. After the device has completed taking the blood pressure, the blood pressure and pulse readings will be saved back into the measurement table

This blood pressure and additional values will then be available for upload to the CIS system.


For more information on BP+ please visit BP+ Overview