For General Practitioners

For General Practitioners
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Suggested Training Check-List

  • Find a patient
    • Using surname and firstname
    • Using date of birth
    • Using NHI Number
    • Identify correct patient from list with duplicate names
  • Find Inactive Patient
  • Write a letter
    • address letter to Orthopaedic Outpatients
    • Write request for consideration LHJR
    • append patients problem list, medications and alerts
    • Print Letter
  • Review Task List
  • File Mail
    • Review list of incoming Mail Items
    • Check lab results against previous values
    • Create a task for the nurse to call patient
    • File Result
  • Other functions
    • Accident form
    • Off work certificate
    • Smear Test
    • Administer Tetanus vaccine
    • Add diagram
    • Add /complete a task