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Phone and Video Consultations (Telehealth)

Regulations, Standards & Guidelines

Please familiarise yourself with the regulations and guideline before embarking on consulting over the phone or by video

Booking a time 

Patients can book a time for phone calls or video consultations very much like regular appointments on the patient portal. They can select Video and place the reason for the consult in the reason box.  Your staff should screen these requests for suitability.

  • The text in the email that is sent when appointments are made can be customised for each consultation type. 
  • If a video consult is suitable, a link can be emailed to the patient  (A new document template is available for inviting patients to


We suggest you start by exploring a system like Doxy.Me is designed for healthcare and is secure. 

This solution has a free version suitable for most of us. 

You send a link to your patient by email and they can participate via a browser on their tablet, computer or smartphones (without installing any software or apps. )

Doxy.Me shortcut can be added to your Toolbar

Go to Create an account. Go to your welcome page. Save the webpage to your PC (as an htlm file). 

System Settings, Set up, User Application : C:\mypractice\doxyme.htm

Prescribing support

If a prescription is appropriate, you can send this to their pharmacy by fax or electronically (if e-prescribing and signatureless scripts are enabled for that chemist).


Laboratory Tests

If your area has e-Lab or e-Order, you requests can be submitted directly to the laboratory and the patient can be directed to go directly to the collection room. 

Some Labs may also accept faxed or emailed forms 


e-Referrals are available for both public and private services. 

Healthlink, email and Fax are the other available options.

Patient education and Handouts 

Links to handouts from the Patient UK site or the Health Navigator can be emailed directly to patients by clicking on the icon in your internal browser.

Document templates can be emailed directly to the patients. 

On-Line Conversations using Health365

Simple questions can also be answered securely using the Patient Portal.

  • This is asynchronous (you and the patient do not need to be connected at the same time).
  • Photos and other documents can be uploaded to the practice. 
  • Conversations can also be initiated by the practice.


Simply email the invoice which can include your account details for internet banking

Receipts can also be emailed once confirmation of payment is received.