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Smart Clinical Notes

We’re in tune with you. 
With a design that’s intuitive to use, MyPractice works the way you do. We have carefully laid out your patient’s details to give you awareness of the context during each consultation. You do not need to move through multiple tabs or screens to see the important facts. The workflow has been fine tuned to save you from unnecessary keystrokes and mouse clicks. You are free to focus on the patient in front of you.
Our smart alerts and suggestions will highlight relevant information for your consideration without undue interruptions. We provide clinical wisdom from around the world when you need that extra assistance.  We also ensure that you can prescribe safely. Diagnose and manage with added confidence.
Speeding up the process.

You can enter notes faster than dictation with your own auto-text. Create and use customised forms and templates to add consistency and accuracy to your work. Create diagrams and import photos to be saved with your notes. Provide links to high quality information for your patients by email in one or two clicks. Better still, involve your patients in their own care by sharing access to your records. 

Efficient Accounts

Do it your way
MyPractice allows practices to tailor billing to accommodate complex rules, payments from multiple parties and distribution back to multiple business entities within your practice. Yet application of these rules need not confuse your staff. We present users with simple selection of the services delivered and process the rules for them. 
Email your receipts and statements for both the benefit of your staff and patients. 
We cater for both cash basis and accrual basis accounting .

Get handle on your business.   
With comprehensive reporting and debt management tools you can stay in control of your business. Options of integrated EFTPOS has eliminated most reconciliation headaches.

Easy Appointments

Take control of your day.
Appointment scheduling is handled efficiently for small and large practices. 
Group practitioners by teams or professions, view multiple days and multiple  practitioners.  
Whether you have one or multiple practitioners we will help track the location and state of each appointment. Using icons and colours we allow users to get a visual impression of your workload. 
Prompts for the reception staff
Set alerts for outstanding accounts, enrollment requirements and custom messages. Automated txt reminders before appointments.
Integration with booking, opening notes and processing accounts bring the whole visit together in an efficient manner. 

Effective Communication

Information is at hand
Maintain your own contacts list with supplementary information for rapid recall and referrals. Tap into externally maintained provider databases for electronic referrals. e-Referrals systems include including HealthLink, ERMS, and Best Practice, Shared Care with HSA Global, MMH and HealthOne. 
Efficient and smart 
Sending and receiving results, referrals and discharges is fully integrated into MyPractice, manually scanned reports are integrated into the same workflow for efficiency.  

Anywhere you need us

MyPractice is all about you.

MyPractice is flexible and works with practices of all shapes and sizes- from 1 to 70+ users in one or multiple locations. Data can be located locally or hosted remotely. We can also provide a Cloud Hosted Solution to facilitate one point of contact for your whole system. 

Our users include General Practitioners, Specialists, Nurse Clinics, Occupational Health, Midwives, Physiotherapist, Alternative therapists, Counsellors and others.