MyPractice Features

MyPractice Features


We are going to provide you with all of the essential functions to run your practice

  • Integrated Practice Management

you don’t have to switch between different programs, windows, or browsers just to complete one function and all functions work together in a more seamless process

  • Automated Functions

uses automated tasks will significantly improve its functionality at the same time reducing the risk of data errors


A system that makes it easy to start using and has a low learning curve

Ease of installation and updates

ease and simplicity in these areas, you can save yourself and your staff a lot of frustration.

  • Access to learning resources
    • Online tutorial videos
    • Searchable¬†online manual or help


  • Ease of Navigation

The fewer steps you have to complete your work, the lower your level of frustration.

  • Intuitive Work Flow

It flows from one task to the next with a natural feel

  • Responsiveness Interface

Reduce the cognitive drift or sustained lapse in mental focus that occurs with delays

  • Visual Design

Images and colours used in a way that helps you better locate and use the data


Because you will have unique needs

  • Specialized Design

designed specifically for you

  • Forms, document templates and macros


Smart Clinical Notes

With an intuitive design, myPractice works the way you do. For example, you can easily customise your system by designing your own “auto-text” to complete words for you. Our smart alerts and clinical suggestions will also ensure that you can prescribe safely. At the end of the appointment, you can make sure everything was done correctly using the consultation summaries.

To speed up the process, you can use our readily available forms and templates to create documents quickly, without compromising on quality. Creating diagrams and importing x-rays will also be a breeze, and your patients will benefit from our ready-made handouts.

Efficient Accounts

MyPractice allows you to customise how you charge your patients – from controlling the fee for each service to grouping frees together for quicker processing. Our system will allow you to set up special rules so the program can automatically allocate fees based on patient details. Your accounts won’t be difficult to set up – you’ll be surprised how easy it is!

With handy business reports, complete audit trail and secure access, MyPractice helps you understand your business while ensuring that everything is done correctly. Our electronic billing system and automatic debt warnings will allow you to keep up with all accounts, and remain in control of your business.

Easy Appointments

Your practice should run efficiently with our easy-to-use appointment schedule. Once patients have arrived, you can track how many are waiting, and who arrived first.

MyPractice is also aware – if a patient has had issues with their accounts, or if something different must be done when you process them, the program will alert you. Accessing records and accounts is quick and simple, so you can process patients faster.

Effective Communication

MyPractice is designed to work easily and efficiently with other organisations, including hospitals. You’ll be able to store the details, including a list of services, for other colleagues and healthcare providers using our address book.

Sending and receiving documents is a quick process, especially if you’re using our document templates to create letters. When you create a letter regarding a patient, their appropriate details will be inserted into the letter automatically. MyPractice also provides you with ACC forms inside the clinical notes for faster processing, and access to e-schedules like the National Immunisation Register.

Available However You Need Us

MyPractice is flexible and works with practices of all shapes and sizes – from sites with single practitioners to sites with more than 75 users. You can have one single site or 12 interconnected sites with any number of computers, networks, terminal services and replicated databases. The database itself could be less than 1 GB or more than 200 GB.

MyPractice also functions for all kinds of users – general practitioners, specialists, midwives, nurses, community health workers, osteopaths and more.