Demo of Features

Overview of Videos

The MyPractice videos showcase a range of functions across a selection of medical conditions/issues and accident types to give you a feel for the workflow contained within the MyPractice Electronic Medical Record.

Well Woman

Video one, Well Woman with a Breast Lump, shows how we can move an inactive problem from current to past history, record a family history of breast cancer, add a mammogram recall, complete overdue screening jobs and enter vital measurements.  The system will automatically update the reminders and notes and will even pop up a diagram of the breast quadrants for you to highlight where the lump/s are and then allow you to link to the appropriate investigations and referrals.

1. Well woman

Chronic Condition

Video two looks at a chronic condition, ’diabetes’ where the Patient requires minor surgery and ‘repeats’ on their medications. While adding a new medication to the existing ones the system pops up with a warning that there may be a possible drug interaction and gives you a complete over view of the issues and side effects and the potential severity of these.

This information is sourced from the New Zealand Formulary at a customised level and also provides you with any possible contra-indications.  At this stage you can either print or email the patient a drug information sheet that explains to them, how the drug works, why they should use the drug and any side effects, allowing you to keep the patient well informed.

For the minor surgery you can search under forms for the minor surgery form, MyPractice will then present you with a screen that prompts you to complete the pre surgery counselling, automatically completes the patient consent form that can be printed at the same time as a patient wound care information sheet and order Lab Histology. A photo of the lesion can be taken, saved onto your server and then imported into the patient’s records as an attachment for future review and comparison and may be forwarded with the referral.

2. Chronic Condition

Broken Arm

Video three looks at more complex functions of the MyPractice EMR in the case of a Patient presenting with a broken arm.

In the Web forms section (F9) you can choose the ACC45, this is picked up directly from ACC and automatically generates a Claim form number, populates the patient details and lets you choose from a drop down, the right injury diagnosis with the correct ACC Codes, ensuring there is no incompatibility or rework.  The rules built into MyPractice ensure only acceptable data is entered.

If the patient is seen by the Nurse first, the ACC45 can be pre-filled by the Nurse and then parked, to be completed by the Doctor.  If a referral to an Orthopaedic Clinic is required, you can include the details from your consultation and ACC information. A 3D Body map is also at your fingertips, the map allows you to drill down past the skin to show the bones and rotate the view to allow a clear explanation and visual images for the patient.

MyPractice has an assist button on every Patient’s details – this takes you to a drop down menu where you can choose assistance from other medical search Websites from around the world, these include:-

  • Differential Diagnosis
  • Family Notebook Search
  • Health Navigator
  • HealthPoint Search
  • MedicineNet
  • Medscape Search
  • Patient UK Search

These built in links save you time and because they are links, offer you the most up to date information available.