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On-Line Payments

Log into Health365 and enable this feature in your practice settings

Tick On-Line Payments

Complete the Stripe form and submit it 

An Id should appear next to the tick box


The Accounts Screen

  1. Invoices for the current patient are displayed here
  2. Completed On-Line Payments 
  3. A place to Make New Payments

Making Payments

Your patients will be able to make credit card payments in the Accounts tab

They simply enter the amount and press the [Make Payment] button

Payment Details

We will display the processing fee which is added to the fee to be paid to your practice

Patients enter their card holder, number, expiry date and the CVC code

Then Press [Pay Now]

Confirmation of Payment 

A payment is entered into MyPractice and displayed on the accounts tab.

You will see these payments in the cash up report in MyPractice.

Double click on these payments to go to the payments account. Allocate the payment to the appropriate invoices.

Payments can also be seen on your Stripe Dashboard including details of the payor.