For Practice Nurses

For Practice Nurses


Clinical Notes


Suggested Training Check-List

  • Find a patient 
    • Using surname and first name
    • Using date of birth
    • Using NHI Number
    • Identify correct patient from list with duplicate names
  • Find Inactive Patient
  • Make Appointment 
    • For today at 3:30pm
    • On Monday , In 2 weeks from today at 10am
    • Double length appointment with a note for immigration medical (11:00-11:30am)
    • Print appointment reminder for patient
    • Double book 2 patients at 5pm today
    • Non Patient appointment for Lunch meeting with Drug Rep at 1pm tomorrow
    • Home visit at 4:30 pm
    • Update patients phone number
    • Walk-In appointment
    • Move appointment from 10am to 2pm
    • Delete appointment at 4:30
  • Review Notes
    • Open Notes for a patient on the appointment book
    • Open notes for a patient not on the appointment book
    • Check consultation note made by another practitioner
    • Search for consultations that mention asthma
    • Find a lab result for lipids
      • Compare result with previous values
  • Write a note
    • Patient complains that his leg wound is painful, he find that the wound is red and weeping. You think the wound is infected and take a wound swab then dress the wound. You request the doctor to consider antibiotics. You want to see the patient gain in 2 days.
      • Lab Form for wound swab
      • Give a vaccine
  • Write a letter
    • address letter to Home Help
    • Write request for home help assessment
    • append patients problem list, medications and alerts
    • send by Healthlink
  • Make a repeat prescription
    • Find Patient
    • Check date last seen and check for outstanding recalls
    • Select requested medications
    • Bill patient for repeat script
  • Create a task
    • Add a recall for B12 injections for a patient
    • Repeat rate of every 12 weeks
    • assigned to nurses to be recalled 3 days before the injection is due
  • Process Recalls
    • Review list of recalls now due
    • Select a Cervical Smear Recall
    • Check that the recall is still required (look at lab results to ensure no recent smear result is present)
    • Print a recall letter
    • Reset date for next letter (in 1 month)
  • Give Immunisation
    • Find Child
    • View existing vaccines
    • Check pre-immunisation checklist (form)
    • Add 3 month immunisations, recording batch and  site