Reviewing clinical notes

At the bottom of the clinical notes page, you will see a summary of the patient’s consultations and complaints. These are in the Notes tab.

Reviewing CLinical Notes 1

On the right-hand side, use the tabs to view notes in different ways.

Reviewing CLinical Notes 1
  • Notes: displays the default list of previous consultations (the photo above)
  • Attachments: displays the diagrams and attachments that have been used in previous consultations
  • Side View: displays every complaint individually (the photo below). Scroll horizontally to see older consultations .
  • Letters: displays a list of letters that have been used previously. Double click on any letter to view it.
Reviewing clinical notes 2

Viewing entries in the Notes tab

To increase the size of the tab, click Maximise. Click Minimise to return to the smaller view.

Click Summary to view a more condensed list, with just one title for each consultation.

Reviewing CLinical Notes 1

Click NotesLettersMail or Tasks to view those specific entries in the list. For example if you only selected Mail, you would just see mail entries. You can select all these items at once to view a complete list of entries in the notes.

Click on the + on the left of any consultation to expand it. You will then see the complete notes recorded for that consultation.

Double click on any previous action, script or investigation to insert it into today’s list of actions.

Reviewing clinical notes 3

Double click on any letter or attachment to open a copy in a separate window.

Filter the notes by entering a word or phrase in the light blue box, and pressing [Enter].

Reviewing clinical notes 3

The notes list will only present entries containing this word/phrase. This includes  the date, author, diagnosis, presenting complaint, history, examination, and actions.

To view all consultations again, clear the text from the blue box and press [Enter].

Editing an entry 

Reviewing Clinical Notes 4

Right click on an item to bring up this menu. 

The top option is to Edit this note. If you select this, the old consultation notes will appear and you can edit any part of them.

Today’s consultation notes will be saved, and will appear as an entry in the Notes tab (under today’s date). If you want to return to today’s notes, right click on the entry and select Edit this note.

If you have entered notes in the wrong patient’s screen, or a result has been wrongly matched to this patient, you can re-file to a different patient. This will bring up a patient search.

Use the options with the padlock (Secure as Author only etc.) to change the privacy settings of this entry. If you select Not Displayed in Portal, this particular entry will not appear when the patient logs into the Patient Portal.