View immunisation history

Click on the Immunisation Tab. Double click on any line to see further details.

Add new vaccination

Type name of Vaccine into search box and select the appropriate one. Enter details as prompted.

These batches are set up in the batch editor (Tools/Clinical Set up/Task Batches). The current Schedule is on the left.

Please Refer to the 2011 National Immunisation Schedule for more details on immunisations available.

If your practice is participating in the NIR program and the child was born after the start date for the program, the NIR selection of the screen will be active.

- Explain the NIR program to the parent/guardian, including the transfer of immunisation information to the register.
- If the parent/guardian does not request to opt off from the program select ‘Consent’.
- If the parent/guardian requests to opt off from the program select ‘Opt off’.
- Choose the appropriate vaccine or group from the ‘Available vaccines/groups list’.
- Complete the details for the displayed vaccine.

If the vaccine is for meningococcal B or the child is registered on the NIR:

- Ensure that all the relevant information is provided for the child including the name, NHI number, date of birth, gender, address and next of kin details (if necessary click on the Patients Name and add Next of Kin in the Relationships area of Patient Details.
- Ensure that all the information is complete for the vaccine including the status, indication, site, and batch number and expiry dates.

If the Immunisation Claim check box is ticked, an immunisation claim will be attempted when the notes are closed:

- Claims are only made for correct combinations of vaccines , indications and the Given Status
- Separate claims are made for funded vaccines (OA), meningitis (MB) and influenza (FA, FV)
- Specific rules may apply e.g. Prevenar is funded high risk children and for children born after 1st Jan 2008