Letter writer

To create a letter, move to the Letters tab at the bottom of the clinical notes screen.

Letter Writer 1

1. Select the recipient (s)

Choose your recipient from the white box.

Letter Writer 1

If the recipient is your patient, select Patient from the drop-down menu. This will insert the patient’s postal details at the top of the letter.

Letter Writer 2

If the recipient is a practitioner or organisation, select To from the menu. The patient’s details will appear in the letter, including their NHI number and eligibility for funding.

Type part of the organisation’s name (or the service they provide) in the orange box. Press [Enter] to search your contacts list.

When you have selected one, their details will be inserted into the top of the letter. If the organisation isn’t part of your address book, you can manually enter their address.

You may wish to use the  Whitepages and Healthpages links to check the details.

Letter Writer 5

If you wish to CC: the letter to another organisation, type part of their name or service in the orange box. Press [Enter] to search.

Letter Writer 3

2. Adjust the header text

The header field will be automatically filled in with:

  • The address of the recipient
  • Dear Colleague (for organisations) or Dear Jane (for patients)
  • Patient details, if the recipient is an organisation.

You can edit all automatic text by manually typing in the fields.

You can also select appropriate text from the drop-down menu. These phrases will be inserted at the start of the letter.

Letter Writer 4

3. Fill in the body

Type the substance of your letter in the Body field. You can enter the text manually, or select information from the patient’s clinical notes.

In the orange Code box, you can search for the patient’s main complaint. Type part of the name or code, and press [Enter].

Letter Writer 6
Inserting clinical notes:

Use the right-hand buttons to copy certain information into the letter. It will be inserted wherever the cursor is.

Letter Writer 3

Click on Clear Body to delete the text and start again.

If you select a mail item, the entire text will be inserted.

You can click Document Template to select ready-made letters from a list.

Click Copy/Paste to scroll through all entries in the patient’s notes. Select the text you want from the pop-up window, and press [CTRL+C] to copy. Click Finish to return to your letter, and press [CTRL+V) to insert that text.

You may type a specific term in the white box. When you press [Enter], any notes containing that term will be inserted into the letter.

Click All to insert the patient’s complete clinical record.

Click Highlighted Consults to insert any notes that you have highlighted in the Notes tab.

Click Attach to insert attachments or diagrams saved in the patient’s notes.

Letter Writer 4

4. Adjust the footer text

When you have completed the body of the letter, choose the appropriate Footer from the drop-down menu.

The default is “Kindest Regards”.

Letter Writer 7

5. Choose how to send the letter

If you would like to send the letter electronically, tick the appropriate boxes and make sure the details are correct in the fields. This information may have been filled in automatically when you chose the addresses from your contacts book.

If information is missing, click on Healthpoint or Whitepages to search those websites.

  • E-referral: send the referral using CareConnect.
  • Healthlink: enter the recipient’s Healthlink ID in the field.
  • Email: Enter the recipient’s email address in the field. The email will be sent using your SMTP email connection.
  • Fax: Enter the recipient’s fax number in the field.

You can send an electronic and physical copy, if you wish. Adjust the number of copies you would like to print. If you want to only send an electronic copy, reduce the print number to 0.

Tick the Track box to create a Task to track this letter.


  • Patient Name, date of birth and NHI number are required
  • The Authorizing Practitioner must have an NZMC number
  • An SMTP address must be entered in the system settings
  • The Authorizing Practitioner must have an email address (staff details screen)
  • Fax software must be installed
  • The fax driver name must be present in the systems settings.

6. Send the letter

When you are satisfied, click the Create button.

In the Actions pane for this patient complaint, there will be a note that the letter was created.

Letters will be printed automatically when you complete the consultation and click “Finish”.

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