Finding Patients

You will need to select patients to make an appointment, edit their details or open their clinical notes.

The patient search screen will appear when you double click on an appointment slot or click on the “patient” or “notes” button in the top toolbar.

Type some text into the orange search box:

  • Try part of the first and surnames e.g.  “jo smi” to search for “John Smith”.
  • First and last names can be in any order, separated by a space or comma.
  • You can enter their NHI number or date of birth instead.
  • Press F3 or use the drop-down list for further options.

Press [Enter] to start the search.

You can filter your results by typing in the blue line below the corresponding column names.

Note that in the search results:

  • Visitors have a yellow background.

  • Alert notes are in red.

  • Patients not seen in over 1 year are highlighted in the last seen date column. Blue dates are over a year old. Red dates are over 3 years old.

  • Tick [Show Inactive] to include transferred, deceased and inactive patients. These will have a grey background.

  • Patients who are eligible for capitation but have no enrollment date have their enrollment date field highlighted in orange.

  • Reorder by any columns by clicking on column header.

  • Filter any column by clicking on the funnel icon in the column header. Only those patients with the chosen value in that column will be displayed.

Highlight the desired patient and press [Enter].