Making Appointments

Available Time Slots.


  • Create Sessions for each appointment book in Staff Set up
  • Slot are usually coloured to indicate their availability
  • Slots can be available to ALL (your staff and patients on the portal), only your Staff, Reserved or marked as Not Available
  • If you double click on the slot a prompt will appear confirming your intention for Reserved Appointments
  • You will not be able to make appointments in slots marked Not Available
  • Sessions can pre-determine the default length and type of appointments. 

Patient appointment

  1. Move to the appropriate date and practitioner.
  2. Double click on an available time slot
  3. The slot will be reserved while you find the patients
  4. Search for and select the patient.
  5. Once selected, the patients name will appear in the time slot.

Meetings (Non-patient appointment)

These appointments do not relate to patients. These are also used to block out times to prevent patient bookings

  1. Move to the appropriate date and practitioner.
  2. Right Click on an empty appointment slot and select New Meeting.
  3. Type in a description for this appointment.

Encounter Type

  1. A default encounter type will be set from the session selected. Usually a standard Consultation.
  2. Right click on the time slot to select a different Encounter type
  3. Icons are displayed for different encounter types. (Standard Consultations have no icon.)  

Appointment Notes

Annotate the appointment with a message
Note will be written next to appointment
Appointment will be displayed with a red ring around it

All Day Events 

These record notes that relating to the whole day. A note will be made above the appointment book, so appointments can still be made on this day.

  1. Move to the appropriate date and practitioner.
  2. Right Click on an empty appointment slot and select New All Day Event.
  3. Type in a description for this day.
  4. Up to 10 events can be recorded and displayed at the top of a day

Other Appointment Functions:

Access these using a Right Click on the Appointment

Appointment Reminder (Document)
  • Print/Email a reminder Document
  • Scheduled txt Reminders can be sent to all patients with a mobile number


e.g. for location in different waiting rooms, triage status 
Customised for each practice in system settings
Coloured Indicators

Change Status 

Arrived, Being seen, Left, Waiting for billing
Coloured backgrounds


  1. Click on existing appointment
  2. Right Click on New slot in another appointment book
  3. Select Transfer
  • Marks original appointment as completed
  • Prompts for appointment note
  • Marks new appointment as Arrived

Repeat Weekly

Prompts for number of weeks
Uses same time /day of week if available

Next Free Appointment

Finds next free appointment in same book

New Task

Create and assign task related to patient


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