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Appointment Templates

Set up appointment templates for each staff member that has an appointment book

  • These sessions will be displayed in the appointment books to indicate the staff member’s availability on any particular day and time
  • Sessions are coloured to provide a visual guide. These colours should be consistent across your practice to reduce confusion. e.g. Yellow indicates a lunch or tea break.  

To update an appointment template:

  1. Select Staff from the Toolbar or Tools Menu.

  2. Select the staff member from the list.

Ensure “Appointments” is ticked in the “User” tab.

Click on the “Appointment Template” Tab


  • Each template consists of one or more sessions (rows).
  • Each session represents a period of time that the staff member is available or unavailable for appointments. 

Session Duration and Type

  1. Enter a Start and End time using a 24 hour format.

  2. Enter the Duration of appointments for this session (default is 15 minutes).

  3. Select an encounter Type (default is Consultation). Consultation notes will adopt this encounter type.

Set the dates and repeat pattern for this session

  1. Select a date from which this session is available. If recurring sessions are required, ensure that you pick a date on the appropriate day of the week.

  2. Set the recurrence frequency (in days) e.g. 1 repeats every day, 7 repeats weekly.

  3. Enter an optional Until date if these sessions are for a limited time (e.g. holidays).

  4. Type in any Notes you wish to appear when the mouse cursor is held over the session in the appointment book.


  1. Click on the arrow in the colour column to select a colour for this session. We recommend that you use colours consistently in your practice e.g. yellow for breaks, orange for holidays.

  2. Availability (who has permission to make an appointment in this session)

    • All (Patients through the portal and staff can make appointments)

    • Staff (Staff only)

    • Reserved (staff only, prompted before making an appointment)

    • Unavailable (Appointments not allowed)

  3. You may include a facility if you have multiple sites

The Order of sessions

  • The colour and other properties of session are applied in order from the top down.

  • Any overlapping session lower in the list will override sessions higher in the list e.g. holiday sessions will overwrite others if placed lower in the table for the period they apply.

Hidden Days

  • Tick the days of the week on which appointment are available.

    • Days not ticked will not be displayed

Copy Sessions

  • Right-click on any session to copy the session to a new row, then edit the details as desired.

    • Alternately, highlight the desired rows and click the “Copy” button.

Share Sessions

  • To share sessions with other staff, highlight the desired rows

    • Click the “Share” button.

    • Select one or more staff members.