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Add Accidents

To enter details of an accident into MyPractice

  1. Open the Clinical Notes 
  2. In the Forms Tab, click on Add Accident

New Accident (M45)

Enter details as prompted 

To print an ACC45 form, enter the number of copies required in the Print Box before Finishing

Enter previously registered accidents 

Select Enter Existing  then 

Type in the accident details


Import Accidents from ACC

Click on the Import Button to download a list of accidents held by ACC

Select the appropriate accident, the details will appear in your form


Edit Accident , ACC18

For Medical Certificates (ACC18)  or Change of Diagnosis
  1. Highlight the accident on your Profile List
  2. Right-Click on the accident and select Edit

Medical Certificate (ACC18)

  1. Select Medical Certificate 
  2. Complete the details 
  3. Enter the number of copies to Print if needed
  4. Press Finish to submit directly to ACC

Change Diagnosis

  1. Select Change Diagnosis 
  2. Update the diagnoses and codes
  3. Click on Finish to upload these changes to ACC


Edit Only

  1. Select Edit Only
  2. Update any details 
  3. Click on Finish to save