Viewing mail

Select Mail from the tool bar [Ctrl+M].

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Choosing which mail to view (filtering)

Use the light blue filter box on the left (above the mail items) to search for patients.

You can also use the drop-down menu to filter mail by type (e.g. GP2GP mail only).

viewing mail 1

You can select which practitioners’ mail you wish to see.

viewing mail 3

In the right-hand Actions list (see below), you can re-assign mail items to different practitioners.

Colour coded items

  • Unmatched mail items are shown with a yellow background.
  • RSD (referral, status and discharge) mail is in purple text.
  • Labs are in blue text. Labs with abnormal flags are in red.
  • Scanned letters are in green text.
  • NIR messages are in purple

Viewing details

Subject The patient’s details according to the sender
Matched to The patient’s details, as they are in your system. See below on how to “match” an item to a patient.
To The sender’s description of the practitioner’s name.
Assigned to The practitioner’s details, as they are in your system.

Identifying the Patient

If the mail is not automatically “matched” to a patient in your system, select Match from the right-hand Actions list. This will bring up a patient search, where you can select the correct person.

You can also create a new patient by selecting Add Patient from the Actions list.

Always check that the “Matched” patient is the same as the patient mentioned in the report. If it is incorrect, you can select Un-match from the Actions list.

Adding Comments

You can add a comment to the report in the “My Note” box, on the upper right-hand side. For example, you may wish to summarise the finding of a test.

These comments will appear when you view this item in the patient’s clinical notes.

Viewing the report in context

viewing mail 1

Check the incoming report.

You can click on the Table /side-view tabs to compare these lab results with previous ones.

In the right-hand Actions list, you can also go straight to the patient’s clinical notes.

Follow up actions

In the right-hand Actions bar, you can select from a range of options:

File Saves the result in the patient’s clinical notes
File without ID Saves the result, where the patient does not belong to your practice.
Document Creates a letter or emails to send to the patient
Text Message Creates an SMS to send to the patient
Reassign Changes the practitioner in your practice who receives the results
Print Prints these results
Post-it Note Adds a note, which will appear when you open the patient’s clinical notes (like an alert).
Delete Mail Item Permanently deletes the item. Use with caution.
Add Immunisation Imports vaccination records from NIR messages.
Accept/Reject Nomination Accepts or rejects a nomination from NIR
Create New Task Allows you to create a task (a reminder to follow up on this mail item). You can assign this to another staff member. All existing tasks will be displayed in the list below.