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The suggestions list is displayed on the right-hand side of the Clinical Notes screen under the heading May I Suggest. It displays suggestions for drugs, investigations, forms or visual aids.

The suggestions are initiated by keywords found in the text typed into the history, examination or diagnosis areas of the current note.

Suggestions are usually based on National guidelines or highlight resources available in this program.

Accept a suggestion

Click on the displayed suggestion to initiate further action:


1. Clicking on drug names will initiate a prescription search.
2. Select the correct drug and press [OK]. This drug will be stamped into the Scripts tab at the bottom of the Clinical Notes screen.
3. Complete the prescription by filling in the appropriate fields as usual.


Clicking on an investigation will order the test suggested.


Clicking on a form will open the suggested form template for you to fill in.

URLs and Web Pages

URLs and Web pages will initiate your web browser and take you directly to that web page.

Handouts and Pictures

Handouts and pictures will get the appropriate tools.

Note: These suggestions are not specific. Use with discretion.