General Information
    Consultation Note
    Review Notes

    Investigations (Labs/Radiology)
        Investigations by indication
        Ordering tests
        Viewing results

        Letter writer
        Viewing old Letters

        Vaccine groups
        National Immunisation Register

Clinical notes

        Prescribing drugs
        Searching for drugs
        Adding new drugs and instructions
        Regular medication
        Alerts and allergies
        Drug log
        Repeat Prescriptions

        Auto text
        Disease coding
        Post-it notes

        Adding profile items
        Editing profile items
        Search notes for profile items
        Profile details

        Finding and using forms
        Off work Certificate
        Sickness benefit
        Accident certificate
        Diabetes form
        Gastroenteritis form
        Cardiovascular risk form
        Maternity form
        Creating, editing and deleting forms
        Importing and exporting forms
        Basic form properties
        Control properties
        Rules and pre-populate

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