National Immunisation Register

Set up

User must have system administrator privileges and Healthlink 6.4.5 or later must be installed.

1. Go to the NIR section
2. Set NIR Participation to True
3. Enter the NIR Birth Cohort start date (children born after this date will be eligible to be enrolled on the NIR).

NIR Status Query

Access is available from any computer

1. Click on the NIR Icon on the toolbar
2. Select the patient using the Find Patient Screen
3. Confirm the search type (usually just press OK)

Incoming Query Response

1. View Response in Mail Screen
2. "Match" or "Add New patient"
3. Update immunisation history and tasks as appropriate
4. File report

Incoming Nomination

If you wish to accept a nomination:

1. "Match" or "Add New patient"
2. Select "Accept Nomination"
3. File report

If you wish to reject a nomination:

1. "Reject Nomination"
2. File report

Incoming Request to Vaccinate

"Match" or "Add New patient". Click the right option from:

- Accept
- Cancel if not required / already completed
- Unable to accept (no longer preferred provider)

Incoming notification of vaccination

1. "Match" or "Add New patient"
2. Select "Add Immunisations" to update immunisation history
3. Update recalls as required
4. File report