Searching for drugs

Go into a patient’s clinical notes and select the “Scripts” tab. 

You can search the drug’s generic or brand name. Type the start of the drug’s name in the orange box. You can also add a second word to the search e.g.  amos  tab. To extend your search to any part (not just the start) of the drug’s name, click on the Arrows to the right of the Search Box.

drug search amox

Manually entered drugs appear in bright blue.

The generic name (chemical name, not brand name) appear in dark green. The brand name appears in dark blue. Recommended instructions and indications from the NZ Formulary have a green background.

Previous saved instructions have a yellow background. These can be edited by users.Search for Equivalents
Highlight a drug and click on [Brands] to find all Brands and the Generic listing for that drug and strength. The drugs are ordered with fully subsidized items at the top of the list.

Drug Search Brands

Show All

The initial display contains only instructions that are applicable to the patient based on their age. Press [Show All] to include instructions for all ages.

Lower than recommended doses by age alone are in Orange.
Higher than recommended are in Red.