Searching for drugs

Go into a patient's clinical notes and select the "Scripts" tab.

You can search the drug's generic or brand name. Type the start of the drug's name in the orange box.

You can search using any section (not just the start) of the drug's name, but you will need to "extend the search" for that to work (as explained below).

The default search shown below contains only drugs that are applicable to the patient based on their details, for example age.

Saved instructions regarding the sig and mitte appear as highlighted yellow lines (click the "+" to the left of the drug name to see them). If you select a highlighted yellow line to prescribe, those details will be automatically entered in the appropriate fields for the prescription. Note: you do not have to use pre-saved instructions, and can also alter those you do use back in the notes window.

Manually entered drugs appear in bright blue.

The generic name (chemical name, not brand name) appear in dark green.

The brand name appears in dark blue.

Grouping results

To see the column names, select "Column Names" from the View menu.

The "Group By" option allows you to group the results based on certain data (about the medication). You must make the column names visible before selecting "Group By". Once you have selected "Group By", click and drag the heading of the column into the space indicated. In this example, we wish to group drugs by their cost. Therefore in the diagram below, the "Cost" column has been dragged into the space.