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Ordering Tests

  1. Move to the Lab tab. [Alt+L]
  2. Enter a clinical note (you can click on the Hist or exam links to copy that text)
  3. Select Track if required 
  4. Choose a page number (if you want to print some tests on different sheets of paper)
  5. Select the tests to order.
  • Click on the tests from the common tests in the Lab tab
  • Click on the tests from the Other Lab tab
  • Select groups of preselected tests from the Indications Tab
  • Find the test in the Search Box
  • Click on Specify Other… in the Other Lab tab to type in a description for the test


  • Set up a default venue for lab collection sites in the system settings. This will appear in the venue box
  • If you wish to redirect the patient to another site, search here for this alternative site from your contacts list 

Exclude from Testsafe

  • Click on X Testsafe when you do not want these results not to be shared.

Useful Websites

  • In the Lab tab, you can click on the Lab or RCPA website links for more information and help.

Printing Lab Forms

Lab forms will be printed when you complete the consultation and click “Finish”.

General Information 6

General Information 7

Email the form

On the bottom right of the screen, click Preview to view your lab form.

Select PDFEmail or Print.

Early Printing

Press Print (Ctrl+P) if print prior to Finishing