Measurements are recorded at the bottom of the clinical notes screen, in the Measurements tab.


Entering Measurements

Click on the grey line to add a new measurement.

The date/time will be automatically entered as the current time, but you can edit this.

Enter values for various measurements in the corresponding columns.

If you enter weight and height, the Body Max Index will be calculated for you. If you enter only the weight, the BMI will be calculated based on the most recent height measurement.

Weight must be entered in kilograms, but you can left click on the value to see it in stones and pounds.

Height must be entered in centimetres, but you can left click on the value to see it in feet and inches.

Ideal values are calculated and displayed in green above the columns.

Measurements 2

Graphing measurements

Right click on a value (or column header) to bring up a menu.

Measurements 3

You can choose to graph the values in different ways.

You can also choose to export the list to Excel or print the table of measurements.

The BMI Graph is shown below. You can select other measurements to add from the right-hand list.

Measurements 4

You can adjust your graph using the drop-down menus at the top.

Under Chart Type, choose the type of graph.

Measurements 5

Under Data, you can choose the minimum and maximum values you wish to use.

When you are finished, click on Print to print the graph.