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Entering Measurements

  1. Go to the Measurements tab (Press F7)
  2. Click on the grey line to add a new measurement
  3. The date/time will be automatically entered as the current time.
  4. Type values for various measurements in the appropriate columns.
  5. Press [Tab] to move to the next column and copy the value into today’s examination note.¬†
  • Weight must be entered in kilograms
  • Enter height in centimetres.
  • The Body Max Index will be calculated based on the most recent height available
  • Click on the weight to view the weight in stones and pounds.
  • Click on the height to view the height in feet and inches.

Ideal values are calculated and displayed in green above the columns.

Graphing measurements

Right-click on a value (or column header) to bring up a menu.

Measurements 3