Regular Medication

Making drugs regular

You can choose to list a drug as regular, so that it can be prescribed quickly from the list without entering the prescription details every time.

Regular drugs will show up on the patient’s medication list (see Repeat Prescriptions).

1. Create a prescription for the new drug (searching the drug name or entering it manually). However, instead of pressing [Prescribe], press [Regular].
2. Enter any additional information in the drug log and press [Finish].
3. The selected drug will be moved to the regular drug list shown at the centre of the drugs tab.

Prescribe regular medications

1. Highlight the desired drug.
2. Press [Enter] or the [Prescribe] button or the [Repeat] button to prescribe.
Press [Repeat all] to prescribe all drugs in the Regular list.

Modify regular drugs

1. Highlight the desired drug.
2. Edit any of the details fields displayed on the left.
3. Press the [Prescribe] button to prescribe without saving; OR Press the [Regular] button to save changes.
4. Add an optional comment to the drug log

Note: If you press [Regular], no prescription is made so you will have to prescribe the newly modified regular medication using the process described above.

Remove drug from the regular drug list

1. Highlight the drug in the Regular Drugs list.
2. Select Remove from the right click menu or press the [Remove] button.
3. Enter a reason if necessary and press [OK].

The program will add a note to the actions list documenting that the drug was removed from the regular drug list and the reason.

Right Click Menu

Classify Drug Group - Drugs not yet classified are displayed with a yellow background colour. Select a Generic Pharmaceutcal Drug Group for use with interactions and disease management forms.