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Patient’s Profile 

(Extended Problem List)


This is displayed on the left sidebar of the clinical notes

Problem List

  • Current Problems
  • Past History
  • Surgical History/Procedures
  • Family History
  • Social History
  • Smoking
  • Alcohol
  • Exercise
  • Diet
  • Pregnancy
  • Obstetric History
  • Menstrual History 
Disease Management / Tools
  • Goals
  • Care plans
  • Pathways
  • Management Programs
  • Operations


Add new profile items

  1. Click on the [+ Add] button at the top of the profile
  2. Select the appropriate category
  3. Add the description
  4. Press [Enter] to code (if the background is orange)
  5. Add responses to other questions (specific to each profile category)
  6. Select a colour when you wish to highlight the item
  7. Set the privacy flag when you wish to restrict access
  8. Enter additional comments
  9. Click on a new Category to Save and Add another item
  10. Click [OK] when finished


Use colour to highlight items




Privacy Flags

  • Private
    • Do not include in referrals
    • e.g. depression
  • Hidden
    • Display as blank in profile until clicked on
    • extra sensitive, hide from onlookers
    • e.g. termination
  • Author
    • Only visible to the original author
  • Profession
    • Only visible to other staff of the same occupation
  • Organisation
    • Visible only to staff who work for the same organisation as the author

A break-glass option is available to view private records which will leave an audit trail of the activity


Menu Options

Right-click on a profile items for options


  • Brings up the editor to view or update details


  • Delete the item 


  • Move between Current Problem (Active), Past History (Inactive or completed event) and  Surgical History or Procedure. 

Search Old Notes

  • Filter the old notes to display consultations that refer to this item

View consults

  • Filter and display consultations that refer to this item in the side view


  • Move higher in the profile display


  • Move lower in the profile display