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Ordering groups of tests by Indication

  • Order tests using the Lab tab, at the bottom of the clinical notes screen.
  • Under the Indications tab, choose from a list of preset Investigation tests. 
  • When selected, the tests will appear in the Actions List. 
  • Remove an unwanted test by highlighting the test and pressing [Delete].

Setting up investigation groups 

Tools Menu, Clinical Setup,  Investigation by Indication

Add Indication

Click on the grey line to add an indication.

Add Tests

Click the + on the left of each indication to view the tests within that group. Each indication can contain one or more investigations/tests.

Add a new test by clicking on the grey line. Type part of the name in the orange box and press [Enter] to search for the correct test.


  • Click the + to the left of each test to view any conditions of the test.
  • Select the condition from the drop-down menu, and enter the start/end values in the next two columns.
  • If the conditions are met (based on patient details), the test will be ordered