Clinical notes – general information

Opening a patient’s clinical notes:

There are two main ways to bring up a patient’s clinical notes:

General Information 11. Select a patient from the appointment book and press [Enter]


General Information 32. Click on the Notes button at the top of the screen, and search for the patient.

Patient Information

At the top of the screen, you will see an overview of the patient’s personal information.

General Information 4

To make any changes, click on the patient’s name. This will open a new tab with the patient’s details.

When you have finished editing details, click “Finish” (on the top right). The patient details screen will close, and the clinical notes will automatically update.

Family members of this patient are listed at the bottom left of the screen. Double-click on a family member to open their clinical notes.

General Information 7The system will ask if you would like to create a walk-in appointment for this person.

The family member’s notes will open in a separate tab, so the notes of the original person remain open.

Consultation Information

General Information 5The consultation information is at the top of the screen, next to the patient’s details.

Correct the date or “authorized by” as required, using the drop-down fields. You can also change the type of appointment (e.g. home visit; script only).

You cannot change the “Author” – this is automatically entered, based on who has logged on to MyPractice.

Finishing the Consultation

General Information 6When you are finished the appointment, click on Finish to save changes to the notes.

Click on  Finish+Bill to save changes and open the Point of Sale screen, where you can create an invoice.

When you exit the clinical notes, the program will automatically print any letters, forms, scripts etc. that you have created during the consultation.