Point of sale

Opening a patient’s account

There are 3 main ways to bring up a patient’s account details:

1. Click Account in the top toolbar.

Point of Sale 4


2. When a patient is ready to leave, right click on their appointment and select Leave.

Point of Sale 2


3. Right-click on the patient’s appointment and select Patient Account.

Point of Sale 3

The Point of Sale screen will show the details of the patient’s account holder.

Creating an Invoice

Check the date of service and the practitioner. Correct these if necessary.

In the list of services, click on the items delivered by the practitioner. 

If the appropriate service is not visible, click on Other Services to bring up the complete list.

Note: if the Services list does not appear, check that you have nominated the correct practitioner.

When prompted, confirm the price and quantity.

Point of sale 5

Follow on-screen instructions for services requiring additional information (e.g. accidents and maternity)

Print an invoice – this will print the highlighted invoice.

View/Email to preview the invoice, save it as a PDF or email it.

Processing a Payment

The amount “To Pay” is displayed at the bottom of the page. This includes today’s fees as well as any outstanding accounts.

point of sale 6

Enter the amount paid into the appropriate payment boxes, depending on the type of payment, and press [Enter].

Payments will then appear in the payment list on the right. You can see below that $20.00 was paid by cash, and $54 by EFTPOS.

point of sale 7

Print a Receipt – this will contain the payments made today.

View/Email to preview the receipt, save it as a PDF or email it.

When you are done, click “Finish” to save all changes. 

point of sale 6

Note: payments are allocated to specific invoices. The default is to allocate payments to today’s accounts first, and then allocate any remaining payments to older accounts. You can change how payments are allocated using the accounts payment screen.