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Relationships and Families


We can maintain links between this patient and other patients or organisations (contacts).  e.g. the patient’s usual chemist, previous GP, next of kin…

These are located in the patient details screen. 

  1. Click “New” to add a new relationship.
  2. Select a relationship type from the drop-down list (“NOK” stands for “Next of Kin”).
  3. Use the orange field to search for the related person in your practice or organisation. 
  4. Click “OK” to save.

Select an existing relationship and click “Edit” to change the details, or click “Delete” to break the relationship.

Family members

Links between family members are found in the patient details screen. 

To add the current patient into an existing family, search for a family member in the orange field.

  • Select a family member and click “Leave” to leave that family.
  • Click “Add member” to bring another patient into this family.
  • Select a family member and click “Goto” to open that family member’s detail screen.

Inactive family members will have a strike through line.