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Drug Log

This log contains information about regular medication:

  • Date started
  • Date last prescribed
  • Notes entered by users with date and time
  • Special Authority Details (when applicable)

The drug log is displayed when drugs are added to the Regular Drug list.

To access drug log, select the medication from the list of regular drugs, right-click and select “Review Log” from the menu.

Special Authority Information

Information includes

  • Application Type e.g. CHEM or HOSP
  • Approval number
  • Approval Expiry date

The Approval Number and expiry dates can also be entered manually when known.

The approval number and expiry will be printed on prescriptions. A warning will be displayed when the expiry date is near.

Electronic Application for Special Authority Numbers

When you select a drug, the displayed list will inform you if a special authority is required

  1. Add the selected drug to the Regular Drug list by pressing the [Regular] button
  2. The drug log screen will open and it will contain the Special Authority form.
  3. There will be a Separate Tab for each set of criteria when applying for special authorities.
  4. Select the appropriate Tab for Initial applications or Renewals.
  5. Complete just one of these tabs as appropriate and Press [Submit]
  6. The approval details will be returned in 15-30s